Tampere 2007

(Photo by Alex Ruffini)

"Tough Questions, Hot Birthday Presents & Secret Obsessions"

Suiciderock: Let`s start with the introduction of the band an it`s members. How would you describe your band to someone who is not confirm with it?
Mats: That`s a heavy question for the start.
Urrke: I would say that we are a rock`n roll band from Stockholm that have been around since 1999. Matts is responsible for the vocals and he plays the guitar. I torture the bass, our drummer is called Patrick, and than we have Kent on the guitar. I know that is a short presentation of the band. * laughs *. We are much more than that. But it is better when the music does the talking for a band.

Suiciderock: If you have to pick one word to describe each member of your band which word would you choose?
Mats: One word for all four of us or one word for each?
Suiciderock: One word for each.
Mats: Do you know that you have really cool questions but that they are really hard questions at the same time. * laughs *
Urrke: I better come up with something good here.
Mats: Ok I can start. Let`s start with Urrke. What can we say about you? I guess the right word would be… I have no idea. It`s better if you start (points to Urke).
Urrke: It`s always hard to describe yourself but it`s also hard to describe someone else.
Mats: Yeah but it was the question.
Urrke: I would say Matts is "fair".
Mats. Ok that was a cool answer.
Suiciderock: Is he right? Do you agree with the description?
Mats: hm… yeah. This is really hard. I would choose the word "good hearted" when it comes to Urrke.
Urrke: Kent is "uncomplicated".
Mats: So we should say that Patrik is "complicated" than. No, wait everybody got a good thing here for his description so let`s say Patrik is…
Urrke: I would say Patrik is a "riddle".

Suiciderock: About the roles in your band. Who is responsible for the lyrics? Is it like a common project?
Urrke: Nowadays it`s mostly Matts job. The early stuff was more like a kind of group project.
Mats: Yeah it`s me and Kent who write the songs together. Urke was also writing a couple of lyrics. On the latest album I was responsible for almost everything.
Suiciderock: What inspires you for your lyrics?
Mats: Everything that happens in my life and around me. I work with everything what I see, what I hear. It is like a reflection of everything. Than I pick something that feels like I`m related to and so it works out pretty well. People can make their own experiences while listening or reading the lyrics.
Suiciderock: You mean you leave room for their own imagination?
Mats: Exactly. I try not to be that complicated. I`m not like this kind of spiritual writer and stuff. I try to keep the lyrics simple. Sometimes I`m pretty good. *smiles*.
After releasing our last album there were people coming up to me and they started to talk about the lyrics. They told me that this is exactly what they felt at a certain time. That`s actually pretty cool. It made me feel like I`ve done something right.
Urrke: It feels pretty good if people start to identify themselves with your own songs.
Mats: I`m not into writing lyrics which are just fiction.

Suiciderock: What comes first or what is more important, the lyrics or the melodies?
Mats: Always the melodies. The lyrics always come later. I do first the melodies than I arrange it in my head and after that I make up my mind about the lyrics.
Urrke: Later we start to rehearse the songs together and I come up with the bass lines, Patrik comes up with the drums and of course everybody has his own and individual influences when it comes to the songs. So the whole thing develops itself.
Mats: I´m just babbling things during our rehearsals. After a while I find the right words which fit e.g. for the chorus and than I sit down and start to write the lyrics around the chorus.

Suiciderock: Do you need a special atmosphere or a special place where you can write your lyrics?
Mats. I usually write at home.
Urrke: Probably you also do some lyrics just wherever you are. Because you get the ideas on the road or wherever.
Mats: No.
Urrke: Only at home?
Mats: Yeah only at home. I sit at home with my guitar and I simply play and that`s how it happens. And at the end everybody in the band has to agree and like the song otherwise it goes to the trash.
Urrke: I remember a funny story. When we recorded the first album we had rehearsed all the songs and I thought that Matts has the lyrics to all the songs. But when we arrived at the studio he was just mumbling some words. I bought a bottle of whiskey and after one text was written and Mats were already recording it I started to write the text for the next song. That was kind of crazy.
Suiciderock: So a possible title for the album would also have been something like "a bottle of whiskey"?
Urrke: Yeah that`s totally true.

Suiciderock: You have been touring with The 69 Eyes through Germany, Netherlands, Austria, … Let`s say through Europe… Any special tourstories to tell?
Urrke: I always think that`s a hard question because I never come up with something funny.
Mats: There are always things happening. But are they really relevant?
Suiciderock: That`s your choice.
Mats: Ok I will think about that question for a while maybe we can delay it for a while?
Suiciderock: Ok let`s put it at the end of the interview.

Suiciderock: Who came up with your bandname?
Urrke: Actually it comes from a package of cigarettes. I found that package when I was a small kid. I have never seen this kind of cigarettes later on again but I kept the memory of the name in my head. Back than I already thought that "Maryslim" would be a great name for a band. It sounded like a cool rock`n roll band. For me it sounded like Alice Cooper. We played under several different names in the past. We were called "Smacker", "Redliners"…
Suiciderock: But always with the same line-up?
Urrke: Yeah the line-up was always the same. Later on "Maryslim" came to my mind again and so we found our new name.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your shows?
Urrke: Good entertainment.
Mats: They can expect a good show, it`s like a punch in the stomach.
Suiciderock: A punch in the stomach doesn`t sound that good.
Mats: *Laughs*, in a good way of course.
Urrke: It`s an aggressive punch in the stomach.
Mats: I think you will enjoy watching the show. I think the main point is that people should be able to see that you enjoy playing and standing up on stage.
Urrke: If you do a rock`n roll show you should play the show as you want to see it yourself.

Suiciderock: If you get the chance to organise your own festival. Which bands would be on the line?
Urrke: What about The Beatles? I think The Beatles, the Sex Pistols and Kiss would be great.
Suiciderock: Who would be the headliner?
Urrke: We of course *laughs *.
Mats: I would like to invite Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, …
Urrke: I think we could also book The Who and the Stones as well. We have a really different taste in this band. I mean when Patrik, our drummer would be here he would tell you that he wants to invite Jet Baker and Lui Armstrong, he is totally into this Jazz dudes. Kent would probably say The Cult and Guns n Roses.

Suiciderock: Do you think that the style of a band is as important as the music itself?
Urrke: No, the music is more important. But I prefer a good and different looking band performing on stage than the normal guy from the street. It should be a difference between coming from the tourbus and going on stage. The live set is about performing and entertainment, it`s show.

Suiciderock: You have lot`s of tattoos…
Urrke: Yeah the thing with the tattoos is personal, that doesn`t really belong to the show aspect. But I would look totally the same even if I would work in some kind of factory.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
Mats: Well, we will play as much as we can. We want to release a new record. We try to get over to the US if it`s possible. We also would love to do some kind of tour after the summer.
Suiciderock: Will we see you on any festivals?
Urrke: I don`t know. But that`s not sure yet. But of course we hope to be able to play on some festivals. And as Matts said we need to go over to the US, to release the album there and than let`s see what is going to happen. So far we only played in Texas and New York and that was many years ago. It`s the same with Japan. We are really willing to go there.

Suiciderock: Ok, let`s come back to the tourstory question…
Mats: I actually have a funny story for you but I`m not sure if I can tell it. Is it ok Urrke?
Urrke: Yeah of course.
Mats: We played in Saarbrücken with The 69 Eyes and it was Urke`s Birthday. We had this kind of surprise party after the show with all the bands.
Urrke: I woke up in the tourvan and nobody came to congratulate me. That situation lasted the whole day. In the evening I had already forgotten about it. I wanted to go to bed after the show but suddenly Mats came to me and …
Mats: we gathered all the bands, 69 Eyes, Wednesday 13 and everybody from the crew was there as well. We gave that surprise party for him. We had everything, booze and a birthdaycake. He was totally surprised.
Urrke: I won`t mention the name of the person now… but he came in there with Champagne, the cake and everybody was singing for me. But the drummer of Wednesday 13 came in with his personal Birthday cake. You could see his dig with a burning match. So he was standing there looking at me and I was like what do you want now? And the match was burning down more and more and he looked really scared. Suddenly he started to scream at me "Hey dude don`t you want to blow it out?" So I realised that it was my turn to blow it out and so I did and rescued him. After that he told me that that has been the best blow job he was ever given.

And the question box…
Mats: Oh no can I change? Ok my question is "Whats your secret obsession?" But is it still secret if I tell you now? Urrke should do this first.
Urrke: Ok the question is: " Which ringtone is on your mobile?" Well, that`s quite hard to answer because I don`t know. I bought the phone from a friend and I don´t know the name of the melodie *sings the melodie *.
Mats: Now it`s my turn again… Hm…
Urrke: He is actually obsessed of eating good food.
Mats: Yeah I`m really strict about it.
Urrke: That sounds very interesting if you say I`m obsessed with good meat.
Suiciderock: Yeah that sounds like you have some kind of fetish.
Mats: But I really don`t think I have an obsession. No, let`s put it this way than it sounds even more weird: The answer is I´m obsessed with good flash. Now the people can think about it.

Suiciderock: Your closing words for the interview?
Urrke: Live fast, die hard.