Helsinki 2008

Ilona Junttila

"24 Hours in Pictures"

Suiciderock: „Monday” exists since 2004. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself. How did the musical career of the band begin?
Salla: Tuomas and and I started to make some songs together and later we found some other guys who were willing to form a band with us, that`s how it began. As you can see it was very simple. *smiles*

Suiciderock: Many artists take their inspiration from other musicians, or everyday life. Who or what has inspired your musical style? Any idols to mention?
Salla: We are influenced by bands such as Coldplay, U2, Avril Lavigne, 30 Seconds to Mars,… those are the bands who had the most or let`s say the biggest influence for us.

Suiciderock: Your bandname is also the title of your first single, why did you choose “Monday”, as for many people monday is the most unloved day of the week?
Salla: Yes, That`s true. Monday is definately the most hated day of the week. That`s also the answer to your question, we named the band “Monday” because it`s the most hated day of the week.No, I`m just kidding. The real reason why we named our band like that was that we had our rehearsals every Monday and as we were searching for a name we thought that Monday would be a good one. There is no deeper story behind that name at all.

Suiciderock: What is the song “Monday” about?
Salla: The song “Monday” is dealing with such bad days…

Suiciderock: Who is the mastermind behind the lyrics, and arrangements? Or is it a common bandproject?
Salla: Gary comes up with the ideas and I`m the one who writes them down in English, so it`s a common project. Gary also comes up with the melodies for the songs. He composes the songs and than we write the lyrics together.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your life shows?
Salla: We are not using any specials or whatever on stage yet. But we are trying to come up with all the ideas how we want to do the particular songs and how the show should be like. We haven`t done that many shows yet but things are rolling now, we are contacting the radio stations and so on. We have to start focussing how we act on stage and how we perform and all that kind of stuff.

Suiciderock: How many gigs did you play so far?
Salla: I have no idea, but less than ten. It`s hard to count them. We also did some acoustic gigs together but I don`t know how many gigs we`ve played so far.

Suiciderock: Are you still nervous before you go to the stage?
Salla: It`s always hard to go on stage. But I have to say that I love it, of course I`m always nervous. That`s normal I guess.

Suiciderock: Is there any special habbit you use to prepare yourself for the show?
Salla: I think I have to take a couple of shots begore I go out there.*smiles* Yeah, I think that`s how I prepare myself for a show. I mean I cannot drink too many of them. I find the balance and than it`s ok. Nothing special at least not yet.

Suiciderock: What about a own record?
Salla: We should release the whole album in March 2009. The single should come out in January next year.

Suiciderock: What will it be like?
Salla: There are songs that tell invented stories and there are songs about real life. We are trying to tell what happened to us or to the people we know. Well, usually about stuff that happens to Gary and me as we write the lyrics. It`s a mix between invented stories and true life.

Suiciderock: Does the album already have a title?
Salla: No, not yet. We have a working title for the record but no fix name. We are not sure if this will be the finale one. At the moment it`s called “24 hours in pictures”, which is also one of our songs on the record but I`m really not sure if that`s the name we will keep. We still have so much time left until march so we can still think about it.

Suiciderock: How many songs will the album include?
Salla: It depends. We just wrote a new song that we really want to have on the record, so I think the album will have more than ten tracks. I would say maybe 10 to 12.

Suiciderock: Can you describe your bandmates by using one word?
No,*smiles* well I start with myself because that`s the hardest one. I think I`m “funny”, our bassplayer Jussi is “tall”, really he is about 2m tall. Than Gary, he is “the thinker” he is also the one who takes care of most of the stuff behind the band. He does a lot in the background as well. I continue with Henkka, I think he is “stupid”, but in a funny and positive way of course! And Pete is the “grinch”. He always looks so seriously at you. He is very intense. Than we have our new guitar player who`s name is Arttu, he is “goofy”. We match together very well.

Suiciderock: What role does MySpace play for you as a band? Is it a good think?
Salla: It is very important in my opinion. I don`t know how many people exactly have visited our profile or listened to the songs but there have been many. It makes it very easy and uncomplicated to introduce our band to the world outside. It helps you if you wanna go abroad. It`s a good way to promote the band. It`s a good thing!

Suiciderock: Will you go on tour?
Salla: Yes, we will go on tour after the album is out as it is easier to tour when the people know the songs. It`s not enough when the people only know one of your songs. People should know the whole material. That makes them want to go to the shows.

Suiciderock: Gary was Negatives life guitar player for a while? How did you handle that and did it affect your bandlife?
Salla: It was no problem. He still plays in Technicolour, he really does very well. He has time for everything. We can manage that. We don`t have the album out, we are not touring yet. It`s ok.

Suiciderock: Is there any country you would like to tour in?
Salla: It would be nice to go anywhere. It would also be nice to tour in Finland `cause I`ve never done that before. That would be great as well. *smiles*

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
Salla: Of course we hope that we can tour abroad, that many people get to know our songs, get into our songs… My future wish is that we will play in a big stadium one day and the audience is able to sing along with our songs.

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