Tampere 2009

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"About a long history"

Suiciderock: The band can look back on a long and successful history. What are your personal highlights of your career?
Oh probably going to places where none of the bands had been before, like Russia, we`ve been the first band who played in the Soviete Union, South Africa after the Apartheid was also really great. That was really exiting for us as a band. But the brightest highlight of this job is to be able to be creative and to be able to make points.

Suiciderock: No member of the original line-up is playing in the band these days anymore. What is the reason for the line-up changes? Is it simply the fact that the band exists for so many years now?
Barney: I don`t know. It have been the circumstances I would say, life itself, thinks change. You don`t always see it coming but it happens. That`s only natural. People grow apart, things happen in the band, you have a different opinion when it comes to the creative aspects. But that`s the way it goes, that`s life.

Suiciderock: Are you still in contact with the old band members?
Barney: Yeah, we are in touch with some of the old band mates. I mean not with all of them. We see every now and than. But that`s it.

Suiciderock: You debut album “Scum” was released back in 1987. Many people do not know that Napalm Death originally started out as a more punk styled group back in 1981. What would you say has changed musicalwise during all this years?
Barney: Well, whatever the definition of Punk is. We are still punky just with a lot of development through all the years. But for a band that`s been around as long as we are now you can still create a connection between for example the latest album and the first one. Really, it`s not so much different at all if you consider the gap within the years. We kept the core style and developed from what we started with. The band didn`t lose the point that makes it special to the people outside and to us. You know?

Suiciderock: The band is not shy from standing up for their beliefs, your songs are including anti-war themes or concentrating on the theme of why we should not just accept religion and moral codes into our lives. Many other bands refuse to write about that kind of themes cause they claim that this hasn`t anything to do with music. What makes concentrating on this themes so important for you as musicians?
Barney: I know but such comments are meaningless. I know the word politics is probably not the best word because when the people hear the word politics they automaticly think on the governments but what we are talking about and this whole government thing are two totally different pair of shoes. For us it is more about humanity and stuff like that. From the point of view of free thinking, free moving, it is about being an individual. Bands come up with statements all the time and it`s up to everybody to do what they want to do. There is no rule that they have to be that way or this way and to say that this themes are having no place in music is just a pointless statement because your music and your lyrics can be about whatever you want. There are no rules.

Suiciderock: What is your opinion about the whole situation in the world?
Barney: In some ways it`s still the same world as it has been 30 or 40 years ago. People still live here, people still starve to death everyday. So it is not so different as it was a couple of 2/3 decades ago. We should try to make the best out of it but we can`t do that whilst trying to apose things that cause misery for people. We should just do what we can and so I hope things will go on somehow.

Suiciderock: We are in Tampere today, where you will play at Klubi tonight. During the long time you are on tour now, you have seen so many different countries and you got to know many different cultures. Is there anything that impressed you most? Any cities you enjoyed the most?
Barney: Right, there has been lots of things I said before. It was fantastic for us to go to the Sowiet Union in our early days. We`ve been there during the last week for the Sowiet System, it was a completely different situation and a huge experience for us as a band. You could see the people walking around on the streets not really knowing how to behave because they`ve been given relative freedom. That was quite strange for them obviously and so it was for us to see all of this going on. Another special experience was driving through South Africa.

Suiciderock: Looking back on such a great history, would you say that you have achieved anything you wanted or is there still a little dream unfulfilled?
Barney: I achieved the fact that I got people to think. That`s all I ever wanted. People should think about their world outside they should not only accept what was fet to them with a spoon every day by the media, by whoever. Just think for yourself and make yourself happy. That`s all I ever asked the people.

Suiciderock: Does it happen that people come to talk to you after your shows, do they want to discuss the stuff you are singing about?
Barney: Yeah, they do sometimes. I have some conversations with the people who come to our shows sometimes afterwards.

Suiciderock: There are many young bands out there, what kind of advice would you give to them?
Barney: I would just tell them to do what is right for them. They shouldn`t try to be something they mean to need to be. It´s never gonna work out but when you are natural and when you are on the right way. And if somebody comes along and promises the world for you and your band he usually talks complete shit.

Suiciderock: Would you say it is still fun to tour after all this years on the road?
Barney: I wouldn`t be sitting here talking to you right now if I wouldn`t like it anymore. The day touring and everything around this musicbusiness becomes less interesting is the day I stop doing this. I mean why should I force myself to do something I don`t appreciate?

Suiciderock: Famous last words?
Barney: I just hope that the world will become a more easier place. I like to see an end of all this fights going on. Some people out there think that violence is the only way to solve problems between people. We need to get over this. This is not a good example for our evolution as human beings.

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