Trashfest  / Helsinki 2012

(c) New Generation Superstar Official

"Coming home"

Suiciderock: You just arrived fresh from the UK. How did your trip go?
AJ: Great, just great. Believe it or not, this is our 7th time here in Helsinki. This will be our fourth Trashfest and we also have been here two times supporting some Finish band. It is simply amazing.

Suiciderock: Indeed. Do you speak some Finnish?
AJ: No, unfortunately not really.
Rik: Well, hold on that’s not true. I do speak some Finnish: “Olen toivotan”. That means “I’m hopeless” and can be very useful.
AJ: Well, we will see about that later.

Suiciderock: What’s so special about Helsinki for you? You have an extra song called “Hellcity” written for this town.
AJ: Each time we come back we have such a great time here and the people are so friendly, so welcoming. The venues here are so good, the music and the sound system is always great and works fine. You have a nice drink called Lonkero here. So what do you need more to be happy. It was strange cause when we landed on the airport today we felt like coming home. That’s because we always have such a great time here. Everybody welcomes us so warmly. That was also the reason why we wrote that song about Helsinki and also about the Trash Fest. We thought it would be cool to make a song dedicated to the city and the people that have been so nice to us. It was a nice surprise I guess. This city means a lot to us.

Suiciderock: Any moving plans than?
Davey: It is way too cold to take that into consideration…
Rik: If I would live here I would be broke before I could count to three. All my money would go for Lonkero and so on. It is an amazingly expensive country when you want to go out.
Davey: That’s true, if I would move here I would happen to be one of the guys who collects all the empty cans from the parks and streets.

Suiciderock: You brought two new band members with you. How did the line up change effect New Generation Superstars so far?
AJ: In a very good way. See yourself, they are young and they brought the energy along with them.

Suiciderock: Your new album is done just waiting for the mixing. Tell us something about it. When will it be out?
AJ: It is in the mixing stage at the moment. We have someone working on it while we are here in Finland. It still needs to be mixed and it still is missing some polishes here and there but all in all we are pretty ready with it. What we have heard so far sounded just great. This time we could spend a bit more time recording it. We will take care of the rest of the work as soon as we return from this trip. Actually the album should have been out about one year ago but the timing just didn’t feel right. So we waited and worked it over and now it is great. We have also changed our style a tiny little bit when our new guys joined the band. But it still is recognisably New Generation Superstars.
Davey: This album was recorded in a different way than our first one. As AJ said, we had more time for the album and that shows on the record. The album will be a little bit more rock than the previous one.

Suiciderock: Your first album “Crash Course in Rock`n Roll” was recorded in only fife days. That indeed was a crash course. Why did you hurry so badly with it?
Davey: Actually we took only four days to record “Crash Course in Rock `n Roll”. We just recorded it all life.

Suiciderock: There is a nice story about your last visits to Helsinki. You got lost after a night out? Any memories about that?
Davey: Well we were supposed to stay at our friend Jussis place. But unfortunately it turned out that he wasn’t home when we arrived there. So we were walking there through the streets and we kept on shouting for Jussi. Well, you know how many guys in Finland are named Jussi. That plan didn’t turn out that well. After we unsuccessfully tried to call him we decided to walk to the centre of Helsinki to go out a bit there. We spent an hour and a half walking in the rain.
AJ: It was fun I started to do some sightseeing the other guys got so angry because it was cold and in the middle of the night. It wouldn’t have been that bad if it wasn’t for the rain. I took a couple of pictures of churches and of the fire station and what ever. So it was fine for me. But than we tried to find a hotel. As we arrived at one the guy on the reception didn’t let us in. I don’t know what he thought about us but he just said “no, we are not open for you”. It probably looked a bit strange when two guys where desperately looking for a hotel room in the middle of the night.
Davey: Than we came up with the idea to call Mickey from Vanity Ink and luckily he let us in.
AJ: We didn’t know where he exactly lives but when we came to his street we heard that strange whisper from one of the speakers “guys I’m over her, I’m over here”. So we had to follow that silent whisper and finally got ourselves a place to stay.

Suiciderock: What about Trashfest? Which bands you shouldn’t miss this weekend?
AJ: Of course, we have friends in all bands. Luckily we are the first band to play so we can check out all of them. Deathstars of course, Private Line, simply all.

Davey: There are a lot of diverse bands. So there should be something for everyone this weekend.

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