Tampere 2009

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"Sending a demo to a record company is like sending a song to a deaf man"

Suiciderock: Could you tell us something about the band first? It was a bit difficult to find any information about the band as you don`t have any biography on your homepage.
Mikko: Yeah, that`s true, we don`t have a biography on our site cause we are still a young band. We don`t like to talk about ourselves too much. We will do that when we become more popular.

Suiciderock: The music industry easily puts bands into certain corners. What corner would you find yourself in?
Mikko: Well, I would say we play punk rock or alternative. We are against the music industry, so we don`t like it when they try to put people or bands into certain categories when it comes to their music and style. We don`t want to find us in one of this corners as well. We have so many influences so we can define our own stuff.

Suiciderock: What kind of influences are we talking about?
Mikko: There are many to name but maybe our main influence is The Clash...
Antti: Or The Stooges.
Mikko: The Doors and many others. It`s really pretty hard to name all of them. Jappe for example is into crunge at all, so you can see there are many different styles.

Suiciderock: How did you guys meet?
Antti: We met when we have been in the age of 16.
Mikko: Our bassplayer is my brother and me and Jappe met in some bar. I don`t remember that so well anymore cause I was pretty wasted back than. Antti knew Jappe and after Antti had played with us at one of our rehearsals I knew that he should join the band and so he did.

Suiciderock: So he must have been very convincing?
Mikko: Yeah, he definately was. I guess he is the only one who can play for us. He has that own unique style.
Antti: Wow! *smiles*

Suiciderock: Maybe you can describe all the members of the band?
Jappe: Antti was my roommate, he is terrible...
Antti: Jappe is like a mom for me...
Mikko: Yes, he is supporting you too much.
Antti: He does everything for me. I just drink and so on.
Mikko: That`s one of thoose questions I hate. Well, Antti is crazy. Jappe is... I don`t know, this question is too hard for me to answer.

Suiciderock: Who had the idea to found the band?
Mikko: Believe it or not, but it was David Bowie himself *smiles*. We listened to that song and we were a bit stoned at this time. There is a lot of irony and power in the name. You have three words and they don`t make a cliche. We are pretty bored of all the stardome that goes on at the moment.

Suiciderock: Who takes the responsibility when it comes to the songwriting?
Mikko: We all but the original ideas came from me so far. But as soon as we get to the rehearsal place the song becomes the bands song cause everybody brings in his own ideas. I could never arrange drums like Jappe does or play the guitar like Antti does and stuff like that. I would say that the song improves at the rehearsals.

Suiciderock: You can listen to some of your songs on your Myspace profile...
Mikko: They are all about deep feelings. We can express all this feelings and emotions through our songs and music. It`s not like this songs about love and all that crap. They don`t have a special meaning. There is more than that in the world. People can feel more than love, for example shame. Our society is pretty fucked up at the moment. I guess we try to refer to that.

Suiciderock: What about an own album?
Mikko: We have to pay all by ourselves. So it`s gonna take time. We are not giving a shit on all that record labels, we want to do it on our own.

Suiciderock: Can we expect it still that year?
Mikko: Yeah, we try. If everything goes right. You can never be sure about this band. We try not to split up before we`ve released the first record. There had been some situations before but all is fine now.

Suiciderock: Let`s talk about your lifeperformances? What can people expect?
Mikko: Oh, I guess they can expect something totally different comparing to the shows they`ve seen before.

Suiciderock: Also if it doesn`t feel and look like summer at the moment, there are a lot of summer festivals coming up. Are you playing any of them?
Mikko: No, not this year but hopefully next year.

Suiciderock: What would be your perfect festival line-up?
Mikko: I would like to play with some underground bands. Not this American stuff, I would prefer the Finnish underground bands. Everyone has already seen this big names. It`s always the same scenario when they play.

Suiciderock: A record deal insight?
Mikko: Sending a demo to a record company is like sending a song to a deaf guy. They are not interested. They only take this comercial shit. We have to bring the music back to the people. That`s why we started this band.

Suiciderock: Did you try sending a demo out?
Mikko: We sent some demos to some indi labels. Let`s see what comes out of this.

Suiciderock: Your future plans?
Antti: Stay sober...
Mikko: We try to stick together until we manage to record this album.

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