Helsinki 2013

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"Rock`n`Roll Motherfucker Explosion"

Suiciderock: Since there is not so much to find about you guys out there except your Facebook Page, could you introduce the band for all the people who don’t know you yet?
Niila: Well, what to tell about us? We are five guys in the band which was found last year. This is not our first band. We all have been playing in several other bands before Pää Kii. According to some Metal Magazine we are lucky to have one of the best guitar players in our band. Teemu made it to rank 12 on their list, out of 20. Not so bad.
Teemu: Yeah that was interesting considering the fact that they voted the bass player of Stratovarius below me. But lets get back to the question. As Niila said already, we started this band early last year. At the beginning it was just us two and our bass player at the beginning. All started as I had won a lottery, something like Bingo and the prize was 5000 Euro. I didn’t know what to do with all the money so we took it to record a Demo. Some day the Demo was played on the radio and now we have done a full length album and that’s pretty much all about it.

Suiciderock: You are called the Punk Rock Sensation of last year. How do you feel when you hear such big words about you?
Niila: I think it feels a bit stupid to hear something like that. It feels kind a nice to hear it but it feels kind a stupid in the end as well. 
Teemu: I mean if somebody is telling you that you are the best in the world they are definitely lying or maybe they just don’t know any better band than us? I know we are not the worst band though.

Suiciderock: We are at Bar Loose here tonight where you will play with two other bands later on. The night is sold out…
Teemu: It is. It is just stupid that all our friends can’t see the show tonight cause the tickets where sold in one day after they start to put them on sale. That’s a little sad but what can you do.

Suiciderock: You have been nominated for the Nordic Music Prize. What happened to that`? Is the competition still going on? How big are your chances?
Niila: They haven’t decided yet but I don’t think that our chances to win the whole thing are very high. All the other Scandinavian countries have kind of an advantage cause they all have a similar language if you compare it to Finnish.
Teemu: That’s true. The Norwegians and the Swedish speak practically the same language. Our language is close to Hungarian that makes us a little bit outstanding in this competition. Plus the Swedish people don’t have that much sympathy for the Finnish people. It is like Finnish people don’t feel that much for the Russians. But we will see what happens at least we got nominated. But yeah, they will probably give the prize to some Swedish Homosexuals.

Suiciderock: Pää Kii is a Finnish singing band. Did you ever try it with English lyrics?
Teemu: Not with this band. I have other bands where we sing in English.

Suiciderock: Your band name means “Shut up” if you translate it into English. I’m pretty sure there is some interesting story behind that name…
Teemu: There is some kind of story behind the name. I don’t know if it is that interesting but I can tell it anyways. I wasn’t active with any of my other bands. So I needed a new band and I was just telling this to one of my friends when this Hippy dude came along. He started to talk bullshit and my friend pushed him away and said to him “Pää Kii”; so he told him to shut up and I thought that this would be a pretty good band name so this is how we got our name or how our band got its name. Very easy story.

Suiciderock: The name was that good that you also named your first CD after it…
Teemu: Yeah that was also pretty easy. It is our first album with this band and it should represent what we are doing so why not use the band name for it. I mean if you look back on the first Ramones or The Clash album. They did the same.
Niila: Well, I wanted to name the album a little bit differently. I think that “Rock`n Roll Motherfucker Explosion” would have been a great title for it.

Suiciderock: The name is indeed very important when it comes to an album but what about the rest? What to tell about Pää Kii?
Teemu: I think it is a very good album. However I didn’t expect what came along with it. I mean the result is just great and surprising. This was all too fucking much, much more than we have expected.
Niila: This band was just some kind of project when we started with it last year. We just wanted to do a demo tape but than this label guy came along and he wanted us to do a whole album.
Teemu: That was pretty funny. I told the guy that we need ten days in some studio and than you get what you want but you have to pay for it. I was sure that we won’t do that and all of this wouldn’t happen. As a matter of fact he didn’t say no. So we went into this studio and we had to improvise some shit there to get the album done.
Niila: That’s the story about the album. It came out pretty good though.

Suiciderock: Though Pää Kii is still a very young band you have already played plenty of gigs and you received some quite good reviews from big Finnish magazines such as Sue or Soundi. Normally a band has to spend their first two or three years in some dark rehearsal place before they can add all that to their Biography. Why did this happen to you so fast?
Teemu: Well well. You know so many people are licking each others asses when it comes to the music business. Most of that stuff happens here in Helsinki and sometimes it happens in Tampere as well. We didn’t want to be part of that shit. And we don’t rehearse by the way…
Niila: Maybe this all happened to us also because we don’t even have a rehearsal room.

Suiciderock: The new year has just started. What are your plans for 2013?
Niila: We have a lot of shows coming up for this year.

Teemu: We haven’t had some kind of dude who sells our gigs and rips off all our money. Now we have this dude who is calling people and he is getting us some good gigs with good money. Well, I don’t know if there is that much left for us after paying all the taxes and the travel expenses when it comes to the money but I think we can manage pretty good. We gonna play with great bands like Green Day, so the new year sounds quite promising for us.


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