Tammerfest / Tampere 2011

(c) Pariisin Kevät Official

"If something comes from a dream you should follow it"

Suiciderock: Tell us a bit about Pariisin Kevät. You are a pretty young band.
Arto Tuunela:
Yeah, that`s right. We are pretty young as a band. We started to go on tour last summer. The band itself was found around 2006. But you must know that it wasn`t actually ment to be like it is now. It was supposed to be just me and the studio equipment. 

Suiciderock: So how did you and the studio equipment develop to a band than?
Arto Tuunela:
Well, there were a couple of my friends who were working with me at the studio and after a while we started to think that it would be nice to tour a little bit with those songs. I kind of sensed that there was something and there where some people who wanted us to play even though there was not really a band. We started to play together and it felt pretty good. We had to play the shows, no doubt about this.

Suiciderock: Your very first gig was at a big festival…
Arto Tuunela:
True, yes. Last year we were asked to play at the Ilosaarirock. That was our first show. It was huge for us and of course we couldn`t say no to that. Now we have been touring constantly since last year and it`s been lots of fun for all of us.

Suiciderock: So you don`t regret to come out of the studio with that band?
Arto Tuunela:
No, not at all. This band is a huge thing for me. I spent so much time doing this. It changed my life. Before I spent my time at the studio working on songs but I really like this kind of change.

Suiciderock: Your songs are only in Finnish. Isn`t it difficult for a band that sings only in Finnish to get your music spread in other countries? Or has this never been your intention anyways?
Arto Tuunela:
I`ve been writing songs in English as well. I did that for about 10 years. We have this other band where we sing in English already. Somehow it felt wrong to sing and write in Finnish back than. But this time I wanted to give it a try just to see how it works out to sing and write in Finnish. I enjoyed doing that a lot.

Suiciderock: So you are not planning to bring Pariisin Kevät outside of Finland?
Arto Tuunela:
Well, I think Pariisin Kevät is made to write and sing in Finnish. There is no sense to write in English. This band has to be Finnish singing.

Suiciderock: So for all non-Finnish speaking readers, can you tell us what your songs are about?
Arto Tuunela:
That`s difficult to explain. Let me put it this way: I try to sing something silly. But there is always a serious background. I could sing about something sad for example but its still a positive song as well. It is not always clear what I`m singing about. It could be a song about driving a car or about being an astronaut, whatever comes to my mind. But the theme is never the actual topic of the song itself. I like that kind of literature that contains humour. But in the background you can find an explanation how you experience life and the important things that life contains. I try to use a lot of humour cause in my opinion laughter is a ways to say something.

Suiciderock: Finnish are not only your lyrics but also the name of the band. As far as my Finnish goes “Spring in Paris” comes out when you attempt to translate Pariisin Kevät.
Arto Tuunela:
The name originates from a dream. When I started this I wrote a couple of songs and as I said they where just for me back than.. Than I played those songs to a friend of mine and she said that I should present those songs to the world out there. So I needed a name. We talked about that with that friend and all names I came up with have been to boring for her. So I asked her to come up with something. She said that she had this dream where the band was named “pariisin kevät” and I felt in love with it immediately. I think if something comes from a dream you should follow it. Dreams always mean something: when you hear the name you don`t really get a hint about the music right away. It could be anything behind the name. Ok, maybe anything except Heavy Metal.

Suiciderock: We are at the Tammerfest today, sun is shining, the feeling is good and even more important there is a huge offer of bands to see. Are there any bands you want to see?
Arto Tuunela:
We have to leave soon. I try to see Mudhoney later on. But we have to work tomorrow  so I didn`t really check on all the bands that are playing at the Tammerfest.

Suiciderock: Where have you played this year already when it comes to the festivals? I`m pretty sure that the Tammerfest is not your first festival appereance this season?
Arto Tuunela:
We`ve been playing many festivals this season already. We were at the Himosfestival, Provinssirock, Kalajoki, Kivenlahtirock and some more. Next weekend it continious. Sometimes it is a bit sad when you just come in to play the show and leave than again. But I love travelling.

Suiciderock: Your futureplans for Pariisin Kevät?
Arto Tuunela:
Composing and recording songs. I want to go to the summer cottage which I haven`t done this year. I`m also planning to buy a dog that hopefully likes music than…

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