Live Nation
LeBonk Music Machine
Programme Manager
Helsinki 2011

"Every Band needs a story behind them"

Suiciderock: You are working as an agent for the well-know booking company "Live Nation" here in Finland and you work for LeBonk Music Machine as Programme Manager. Tell us something about your job, what is it about?
Petri: My job as an agent at Live Nation includes finding bands in my roster and selling gigs to those bands. It means I´m the middle-man between the band and the venue/festival/party organizer. I also take care of tour production so the band can concentrate in music. As a programme manager I book the bands who play at LeBonk. That¹s about it.

Suiciderock: What led you into the music bizz? Was this job something you¹ve ever dreamed of or did you plan to do something else to make your living? How long are you working as a booking agent now?
Petri: Like most of the people behind the scenes in music business I didn´t make a break-through with my own band, haha... I used to work at a book publishing company for a few years and then I jumped to music business about two years ago. I don´t think I ever too much planned my life, but I´ve always loved music and books. And what I´d really want to do is run a juice bar in India and practice yoga.

Suiciderock:  You work for bands such as Black Magic Six or Iconcrash just to name some. What gets you interested in a new band?
Petri: Their music is of course the main thing. Then comes the image. If the band has a demonic vibe or some kind of mysterious aura it´s much more interesting than the boy/girl next door. But you still need to have the songs and put up a good show on stage.

Suiciderock:  There are so many bands at the moment. What do you think does a band need to be outstanding and special in the music szene nowadays?
Petri: Good songs, visual image, shameless attitude...  Like Reckless Love for example. I think if you can make a cartoon about the band, they´re doing something right with their visuality. And what every band needs is a story behind them. If you have the songs but no story, it´s way harder to sell the package.

Suiciderock: What are the good and what are the bad sites of your job?
Petri: Good sides are the great gigs "my" bands play. Bad side is that nowadays there´s so much competition that it`s harder and harder to sell a band to a booker who hasn´t heard of it before. But since I sit on the both sides of the table I understand how hard it is to the programme managers to book an unknown band and pull in the crowd to see it. In this business money comes first, second and third and maybe then comes the music/art. Yes, that sucks ass.

Suiciderock: What kind of an advice would you give to a young band?
Petri: Be original, shameless, explode on stage and find your OWN style. Surprise!

Suiciderock: If you could work with any artist, now matter dead or alive who would that be?
Petri: Solstafir from Iceland.

Suiciderock: Which band would you recommend? What`s the next big thing in your opinion?
Petri: Reckless Love is on their way to be stars. But I hope The Death of Gagarin will get their chance. I just need the rest of the world to find them. :)