Berlin 2008

(c) P.C. Bauer

"We`ll keep the wheels on turning"

Suiciderock: The Radio Dead Once are existing since 2003. What should people know about you as a band?
Bev: We are a bunch of friends, we didn't come together to form a band, it was about the friendship. so we bought our first guitars when we were 10 or 11 years old. Since then we're hanging around together and try to write songs. 2003 we named ourselfes "radio dead ones" so that's where it started the official way. We grew up with the same music, so the chemistry between us is perfect. That's why we never wanted to play in other bands. I guess we gonna stick together as long as we are into music.

Suiciderock: Please describe the characters of your bandmates by using one word.
Bev: It's a little hard for me to say something about our characters, cause like I said we are all very good friends. I mean I could tell a million stories `bout everyone of us ... So it's Rik, the first guitar; he's my two years younger brother. He's an animal on stage and he's in love with the Stones. We have Ändru, he's our bass player and I went to nursery school with him. So I know him since we're 4 years old. He's one of the straightest guys I know. If he wants something, he gets it. Our drummer TV got his name because of being in love with the screen. He's a spiderman maniac and he's our producer. He's recording other bands and he's the only real musician in the band. And last but not least we have Fabio on our secound guitar; he joined the band in january 2007. He just moved to berlin from south italy sicilia. We just took him, cuase he looks good! *laughs* And it's me, Bev. I'm singing, I'm the oldest in the band and I'm dead keen on punkrock.

Suiciderock: You have your own label, called GUITAR MAFIA MUSIC. What can you tell us about that?
Bev: In 2003 when we started we were really rough, we took a lot of drugs and were drinking booze everyday the whole day. Nobody wanted to deal with us. Everybody said: "They'll do it one or two years and then they'll be so fucked up that they can't go on..." We really couldn't find a label. That's why we had to do it on our own. We released our first and our third 7"-single on GMM. It's alot of work and we don't have the time to keep it running right now, but someday we will reanimate it.

Suiciderock: How would you describe your style to the people outside?
Bev: We started as a drinking punkrock band, but if you play so many shows over the years you find your own feet. We played with many different bands, like hardcore, punkrock, psychobilly, metal, hardrock and rock bands and really everything has an effect on us. We just wanna write good songs and really don't care bout the style, but our primary roots are punkrock.

Suiciderock: You`ve released seven singles since you started with the band. But they are not available anymore. Are there any plans to put them on a whole album?
Bev: We were always vinyl junkies that's why we never released anything on cd before we put out our first full length in march 2008. But I think it's way to early to re-release something now. We have so many ideas for new songs and we can't wait to finish our secound record. I think it's a cool way to say thank you to the people who supported us in the beginning if we don't re-release the old stuff. So they have something special.

Suiciderock: You`ve just went on tour with the famous Backyard Babies, what was that like for you? How did it turn our that you join the Backyard Babies as support band?
Bev: Just brilliant. We are listening to their stuff since the Total 13 record. Dregen is a good friend of my brother Rik for like 3 or 4 years and when he stays in berlin we always hang around with him or he's staying in the first row when we're playing a show. He's the main reason why we could jump on that tour. It seems it were not the last shows we played with them. It worked out really fine for everyone.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your life shows?
Bev: Energy and rock'n'roll. We wanna have the best party every night. The people pay the entrance so they deserve a good show. We always give our best. That doesn't mean we are a stupid party band, but if I go out to a show I wanna see something positive, the real life is rough enough. We want the people to have a good time.

Suiciderock: Who had the idea for your bandname and why "Radio Dead Ones"?
Bev: Oh my god, i can't remember. I could try to tell a story but it was not the truth. I just think it sounded good to us ...

Suiciderock: Your Future plans for the band?
Bev: We will record the new record until the end of february and right after we start touring again until the end of 2009 and then we gonna record our third record. That's our life so we'll keep the wheels on turning till the end.

Suiciderock: Any famous last words?
Bev: We wanna thank everyone who's coming to our shows, most of the bands we played with and the guys who work for us at the label and so on.


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