Helsinki 2013

(c) Riot Club

"Plenty of new stuff storaged"

Suiciderock: You are so new, the band was found in November last year. There is barely nothing to find about you. What do people need to know about Riot Club?
Riot Club: Riot Club is a four-piece mind blowing explosion from Tampere, Finland. The band is known for it’s astonishing song material, unquestionable playing skills and for it’s overly atmospheric live presence. Those are the main characteristics of the band and to find out the rest, one should witness the band live.

Suiciderock: “Riot Club” sounds like Punk… In which of the million music genres do you see yourself?
Riot Club: Riot Club is definitely a mixture of rock, alternative and grunge. No question about it. Inside those three genres we are able to completely change the state of music today.

Suiciderock: You will play a couple of gigs here in Finland before you leave on an European Tour including for example Germany, The Netherlands and Slovakia. However you won`t have to tour alone. Two other bands, Manzana and Hayleys Royal Whores will accompany you. How did that tour come together?
Riot Club: There was a guy who got hooked on our music and told his friend about us. This friend was Henri from Manzana and he gave us a call and asked if we were interested to hit the road with Manzana and HRW. Needless to say we were pretty interested.

Suiciderock: It is a really big step for such a young band like you to conquer Europe right away. What do you expect from that tour and how do you feel about touring Europe so soon?
Riot Club: All the band members have a long history in music and playing in different bands so we don’t consider ourselves as first-timers in this environment. From the tour we are expecting hellishly energetic gigs, absolute sleep deprivation, starvation, long hours in a tour bus and some interesting social interaction with other bands. 

Suiciderock: People can watch and hear your song “Catharsis” on the net. What can you tell us about the song?
Riot Club: The song is no different from the rest of our material since it has been made through jamming, fighting and arguing between the band members. The lyrics of the song tell a story about frustration bursting into absolute aggression and therefore it’s a great song to play live.

Suiciderock: By the beginning of the year you raised the hope in your fan community that you will record some new songs soon. What happened to that idea? Any songs ready so far?  Can we expect an whole album from you?
Riot Club: We are constantly recording and listening to our new material. We won’t publish anything that doesn’t feel ready. So don’t be afraid, there’s plenty of new stuff storaged! Next we are going to record a single and make a video out of it. It will be a mind-blower. At the moment we are not planning to make an album. We’re really more into one-song-at-a-time method. CD is dying.

Suiciderock: When it comes to fans, you guys had a very convinced one as he sent an email to us that we definitely have to talk to you. How do you feel about having people like that behind your band?
Riot Club: Those kind of people are worth of their weight in gold. It’s always unbelievable to see or hear someone digging your music so deeply that he or she is willing to promote your band in any way. So no doubt that we wouldn’t be willing to kiss the ground below the feet of such people.

Suiciderock: The European Tour is a big step in your still young career but what are your plans for the rest of this year? Will you play any festivals or more Gigs in Finland?
Riot Club: For the rest of the year we are planning to, of course, record new stuff, tour and spread the RIOT as much as ever possible. In case Finnish music festivals don’t accept us to play in them we are planning to get a truck and crash into those festivals to force-play a gig. So what ever happens, Riot Club won’t stay silent!


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