Helsinki 2013

(c) Riot Vein

"Still growing"

Suiciderock: It’s hard to find something about you on the net. What do people have to know about you? What’s the band’s history?
Elias: We started playing together 2007. When I met this two guys here they had a band and they were still missing a bass player. That’s how I got into the band, I started to play the bass. A little while and a couple of changes within the band later we found ourselves a good drummer and I changed from the bass to singing. As I said there were only us three at the beginning but now the band is completed.

Suiciderock: Was it easy for you to change from playing the bass to the microphone?
Elias: No it wasn’t easy for me at all. But our old singer wasn’t eager to rehearse a lot and we just couldn’t find a new singer who was good enough so I took the job. Maybe it would have been easier if I would have played bass while I’m singing but I’m the lead singer now and this doesn’t fit too well. It’s not easy but it is kind of on it’s way. I will manage.
Teemu: But we also found ourselves a good bass player when it comes to Joni.

Suiciderock: You will play at Bäkkarifest this month together with some other bands and you promised to play one or two new songs there. Can you reveal something about them?
Elias: We hope so at least. We have three new songs that are already done. We will head to the studio on the 14th of this month where we will record two other new songs. That means that we really hope that we can release two new songs by the end of this month. When it comes to the songs I think it is something very new. It is definitely not the usual us. We added a little bit more Heavy Metal to the material, the singing is also a bit different. In a way it is a bit more darker than our usual stuff. We will try to play some of the new material at the Bäkkarifest.

Suiciderock: How do you keep it with the song writing?
Elias: Well, it depends. Basically it works like that, that Roni does the guitar part and than we start to gather and write the lyrics. But usually Roni starts and than we come along to develop something together. It is more like a group project when it comes to the song writing. It simply starts when he is showing us a riff and than somebody comes along with a great idea and the song or at least the idea of the song is born.

Suiciderock: You have already released a new song last year in December. The song is called “Fast Lane”. Did you only go to the studio to record that particular one song or are you working on an entire album?
Elias: That’s right. The idea was to record three or four songs. However our time was limited so we couldn’t finish all of the songs within that certain amount of time. We had to wait a little bit until we could continue with our work which we will do this month.
Teemu: The drum parts are already done so we are progressing very well. 

Suiciderock: What is “Fast Lane” about?
Elias: I think I came up with the idea for the song. It is about doing your own thing. It is more kind of a metaphor. It should deliver the message that you should live life as you please, that you shouldn’t care so much what other people think about your actions. I think it is more or less like that. I think it is a good song to listen to when you are boxing or when you are exercising at the gym. I think it should work quite well.

Suiciderock: Your name reveals it already a bit, you are a Rock / Punk band. How would you describe your music and who are your idols?
Teemu: I would say we are a Hard Rock Band. We have a lot of influences. 
Elias: I think we have been more Punk when we started but than we changed and now I would agree with Teemu that it is Hard Rock with a little Heavy Metal maybe. To name some bands I would say: Van Halen, a bit of Hanoi Rocks, Mötley Crew, some new bands as well. It is a mixture of everything.

Suiciderock: You have just signed a deal with Rock Stone Agency which will bring you more opportunities to play gigs.
Elias: It makes the whole thing a lot more easy for us. We don’t have to care about all the stuff by ourselves anymore. We play a couple of gigs in a month and we have the time to do the studio work and we don’t have to concentrate on that gig booking anymore.

Suiciderock: So you have organised all the gigs on your own before?
Teemu: Yes we did. You have to do this when you are a small band like we are. It is very hard if you are a new comer and you don’t have any songs on the internet for example it is almost impossible to get any gig. Even if you have all of this stuff it isn’t that easy to get some gigs unless you don’t know some people or you find some other way.
Elias: But Rockstone really helps us a lot. We can concentrate more on the music than on the booking.

Suiciderock: Speaking about gigs… What are your gigs like? Why should people out there come to your gigs?
Elias: I don’t know. They are fast and energetic. Sometimes you loose a shirt… We are actually still growing up. Our routine is changing all the time. We try to take the audience with us. It is hard to explain. You have to come and see. Maybe than you can explain better than I can.  

Suiciderock: What are your plans for this year?
Elias: Of course, we want to finish the EP, than we will play three gigs in a row with Toxic Rose from Sweden which is pretty cool. We will also open for another Finish band but I can´t reveal who it is now. We will write new songs, hopefully do a lot of gigs. We will see. That is our future plan for now.

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