Turku 2008

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"A Circle Pit Always Puts a Smile on my Face"

Suiciderock: Please introduce your band to everybody outside who does not know about you.
Olli: So, we're Rites of the Youth from Turku, Finland. There's five of us, Hannes does vocals, me (Olli) and Tuomas play guitar, Joona plays the bass and Veli-Matti beats the drum.

Suiciderock: How would you define your music style?
Olli: I guess the nearest description of our music would be progressive-influenced metal with some hardcore elements. The new material is leaning strongly towards death metal too, though.

Suiciderock: Who writes the songs and what are they about?
Olli: Me and Tuomas write all the music and I write the lyrics, Veli-Matti does some songs occasionally too. Usually me and Tuomas get together and arrange the riffs we've done into songs. Then we introduce the material to Veli-Matti and end up re-arranging the whole stuff once more. *smiles* The lyrics concentrate mostly on social (perhaps even political) issues, though we've got some relationship rants too.

Suiciderock: What do you want people to walk away with after your show?
Olli: Well, first of all, I hope people enjoy our music because of the music itself - It's very nice if people like the music enough to dance, too. A circle pit always puts a smile on my face.

Suiciderock: On your Myspace you say that the best description of your current sound would be "hardcore influenced metal with some progressive elements". What kind of bands have influenced you the most?
Olli: Actually, it's kinda hard to name all the bands that have influenced us. There are so many. Early influences include Deftones, Snot and that kind of stuff - Lately Shai Hulud and Glassjaw have had a huge influence on us. The band members have such diverse musical taste that it would be almost impossible to describe the influences accurately: Tuomas likes deathcore, I enjoy ambient, Joona loves Job for a Cowboy & Morbid Angel, Veli-Matti likes Jeff Buckley and one of Hannes' definite favourites is Dream Theater. Generally speaking, everything that sounds good influences us. It's good to "pull" influences from a variety of musical genres, to widen the musical horizon - first as a listener and maybe later as a musician.

Suiciderock: Why should people come to see your shows?
Olli: We're damn good. No, seriously we really put much effort to playing live and try to get our material to sound as good as it sounds on CD (or mp3).

Suiciderock: Who made up your bandname? Is there a special story behind it?
Olli: Ooh, it's a long story...

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
Olli: At the moment we're writing material for our 1st full-length album - I hope everything goes as planned. Oh and we're going to release a split "7 or something with another band from Turku, too.


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