Base / Helsinki 2007

"The visual aspect is almost as important as the acoustic aspect"

Suiciderock: Please be that nice and introduce Robin Cosmos for our readers.
Mikko: We are Robin Cosmos from Helsinki. We play Rock`n Roll. I would describe it as lyrical, mystical folk rock. What else should you know? Well, we are five members in the band. There we have Kire on the drums, I`m Mikko and I play the guitar for Robin Cosmos. Jari plays the lead guitar and Tarmo is responsible for the piano parts.
Kire: The band exists about four years. We released a cd and a few singles. At the moment we are still searching for a record deal, but our German managment has a potential record company. You should know that it is very hard to sell a record here in Finland, because people tend to put you into special corners musicalwise.

Suiciderock: Describe each members by using one word.
Mikko: Tarmo is the producer.
Kire: Yeah he is a conductor.
Mikko: Jari is the guitar player.
Kire: Our bassplayer is rooky.
Mikko: I would describe Kire as an animal.
Kire: Mikko is the face.

Suiciderock: When you started, was it just for fun or did you want something serious out of your music?
Mikko: Of course, music should be our main job, but unfortunately we can´t make our living out of it, yet.
Kire: Actually, Mikko started a solo project and than Jari and Tarmo came to join him, so they played together as a trio. After a while we realised that it would fit better to play as a five piece band.

Suiciderock: What are you doing to pay your rents?
Kire: I work at a hotel.
Mikko: I´m working in a mental hospital and I haven`t got a day off since Friday. Maybe that´s also the reason why I`m a bit tired right now.

Suiciderock: Who invented your band name?
Kire: Mikko did that. I think it s just a name.
Mikko: It is just a state of mind. I got the idea for the name while playing our songs.

Suiciderock: What would you say are your musical heroes?
Kire: We all have our different heroes and idols. Every member in the band listens to all different kinds of music.
Mikko: You can count „The Doors" to my personal heroes. And "Metallica" also plays a big role when it comes to my rock idols.
Kire: Basically anything from the 60`s and 70´s for example „The Who".

Suiciderock: Can you still recall your first musical memory?
Mikko: I still remember myself being four or five years old, I wanted to go to sleep and I was always singing songs of „The Beatles" from their top twenty album „The A-side songs", because their „The B-sides" record sucked. That was also the first record I´ve ever bought.
Kire: I remember the day I got my first real cassette recorder. I taped the song „Strawberry Fields" from the radio and I kept on listening to it over and over again.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your live-shows?
Kire: I really hate it if the band is good soundwise, but the show is miserable, because the whole band doesn´t move at all. So what I`m trying to do is to put a little bit of show into our performance to give something special to our audience. And when you play live it doesn´t matter if there are a few songs a bit different than they are ment to be. The visual aspect of a band is almost as important as the acoustic aspect.
Mikko: When I started to become a guitar player, I took my guitar, made myself stand in front of a mirror and tried how it looks best. I thought to myself that this is so cool. By the way, it was the guitar of my older brother that I used.

Suiciderock: When did you start to play guitar?
Mikko: I was 15 or 16 years old.
Kire: I got my first drumkit in the age of 12 or 13, but I had some breaks between this time and today. It´s like riding a bike you won´t forget about it once you´ve learned it.

Suiciderock: That leads us to the next question. What was your best and your worse live-experience so far?
Kire: Of course, you have this small technical problems happening from time to time. But that`s just a matter of fact when it comes to a live band. We once played in this very small place, it was some kind of a rock bar, I won´t mention the name right now. I think we managed to play maybe four or five songs. The people really rocked with us. Noone was complaining about anything, but the owner of the place asked us to stop because it was too loud for him. So he should take the word „rock" out of the bar-name.
Mikko: We played two or three songs without the bass and the drums. It was sort of a unplugged gig.
Kire: We usually play the best shows here in Helsinki, especially one we had here at „On the rocks", because everything always works out pretty well and the audience is just perfect.
Mikko: I have always enjoyed „Espa"- Stage. We were playing at a Jazz Festival.

Suiciderock: Wasn´t it strange to play at a Jazz festival?
Kire: It was a ultimative jazz festival.
Mikko: It was great. It was an outdoor gig, the sun was shining and we performed in front of some cool people. So everything was fine.
Kire: And we got the chance to activate a new kind of audience. They wouldn´t have come to our gigs at some rock festival or some rock bar and esp. when the weather is good there is no problem to play such a gig.

Suiciderock: Who is responsible for the songwriting?
Mikko: I don´t write the lyrics, but I compose the songs. I have two friends, who write the lyrics for me, then they send them to me and there we have the songs.
Kire: But it needs the whole band to become a master piece.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for Robin Cosmos?
Mikko: Let´s see what the time will bring.

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