Helsinki 2013

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"Itīs no curse if you sing beautifully"

Suiciderock: Please introduce yourself and the band
Jarkka: Sure, Iím Jarkka and Iím kind of the founder of the band. I will explain that later on a bit better. Next to me we have our front man Tommi. He is our singer. The other members are Jesse who is our other guitar player, Jussi is responsible for the drums and further more we have Timo on bass. We are all very different individuals, which adds the flavour to the whole package in my opinion.

Suiciderock: When did you get together as a band? Tommi, you havenít been the singer from the very beginning?
Tommi: The band had another singer at that time. But they decided to exchange the singer and I joined the band in fall 2010.
Jarkka: It all began when I started to write a bunch of songs. I wanted to combine those elements. I just found it was worth to try to combine this dark guitar sounds with Metal and Indie Rock parts and epic singing and such. After that we went into the rehearsal place to work on the songs. The songs started to evolve as many different people came to work with them. It is nice to see that evolution.

Suiciderock: What can you tell us about the characters of your band mates?
Tommi: We have some quite heavy Metal guys in the band, Iím more the Pop Rock kind of type. Our bass player also has a classical background. He can play the Cello for example.
Jarkka: Further more he sings in a choir as well but vice versa he also has some psychedelic influences. You see there are very different style types and sometimes it is hard to combine them. We have to be very careful for example when it comes to the epic schema that Tommi brings into our band. If you are not careful it can eat out the rest and the other way around, too. That is also one of the reasons why we have spent so much time rehearsing our material before playing some life gigs.

Suiciderock: Tommi, why did you choose to sing for Sense of Silence?
Tommi: The reason why I choose to join them were the songs. I just loved the songs when I heard them for the first time. They all have a nice melody.
Jarkka: There is actually a story how Tommi got into our band. He came to our rehearsals and he was very good from the start. The only problem we had was that he had so less experience. It was totally new for him. We had this other good singer at the same time. She was a very experienced lady and so we just thrown the coin. We choose the lady. We thought that would point us out on the market as there were millions of male singers out there so we thought bringing in a lady to our band would add a little extra aside from her good singing of course. We worked with her and it went quite nicely but she decided to move away so we had to look for someone else again. Than we got a gig more or less by accident and therefore we were in need for a singer. So we remembered Tommi and we asked him if he would help us out.

Suiciderock: Did your music change when you got a new singer?
Jarkka: Yes, it was very interesting that the music changed with our new singer. It got deeper and heavier. Maybe Tommi doesnít know that but he really is a singer for heavy music. Tommi stands for energy and excitement. I like that more than screaming and shouting. Itís no curse if you sing beautifully.

Suiciderock: That was a nice surprise that you explained right away what your music is about. Normally this is always some kind of hard question for the bands we are interviewing and the best answer you can get out is that it is something Rock or something MetalÖ
Jarkka: Music is what this whole band project is all about for us. We are concentrating on the music first instead of making a plan to conquer the world right out of our rehearsal place. 

Suiciderock: You are a part of the Hard Rock Rising competition and you made it into the finals. They will take place next month at Helsinkiís new opened Hard Rock cafť. What is the whole competition all about?
Tommi: It is an international competition by Hard Rock Cafť. In the international Finals there will be bands from 85 international countries or something.
Jarkka: Of course, you have to qualify yourself as a band to get into that competition but after you got into that it is not so much about the music anymore at least in my opinion. You have to get your fans to vote for you. You have to get other peoples interest as well so they have a reason to hit the like button on facebook for example.

Suiciderock: Did you do some special advertisement or what did you do to get the people to vote for you?
Tommi: Basically we just announced that we are in that competition and that people can and should vote for us. Of course, we also mobilised all of our friends to push the like button. But thatís actually all weíve done.

Suiciderock: How do you prepare for such an event and is it more special for you than letís say a normal life gig?
Jarkka: It is very important for us. I would say that there are the loudest metal oriented bands playing together at this event. I think we just rehearse well. Each band has 25 minutes to play. This makes it very hard to choose the songs for that evening as you have that limited amount of time. We have some kind of strategy for that event. It will be a surprise which I canít tell right now. But people will see when they come to the gig.
Tommi: I think we gonna play something like five or six songs out of our 25 songs that we have. We havenít decided on those songs yet but we will discuss that within the next week. Luckily there are still a couple of weeks left until the event takes place.

Suiciderock: You have been compared to bands like Avenged Sevenfold or Dream Theatre. Would you agree with that? Can you find something from this bands in your own music?
Jarkka: Am, to some extend yes. This is how we sounded when we started. We have moved into another direction nowadays. But the elements are still there. It is really hard to actually put on map where we really are right now. But I would agree that the elements the Dream Theatres original progressive metal represents are there. Also the songs which you can currently hear on the internet are older material that might sound a bit like that but we play the new ones on our gigs and they are different. The newer songs might be a bit more fast and a bit more aggressive and I would say in that respect the elements of this style are there. Iím really not sure when it comes Avenged Sevenfold. But one band I personally would say that we are close to musical wise might be Alter Bridge. They have the same kind of elements like we do.

Suiciderock: You had to undergo a break that lasted for about a year? What happened?
Tommi: That was really unhappy for us. Our drummer had some surgery on his hand so he wasnít able to play for a long time. We couldnít play between January and August last year.

Suiciderock: How did that sickness of your drummer effect the band?
Jarkka: Well, we did our thingsÖ We didnít want to break the band just because someone got sick. We really didnít want to replace our drummer, because this band is more like a team. Everybody of us does have other projects next to that band as well. So we concentrated on them during the time our drummer was unable to play. I for example work with another project outside the Metal Music. Luckily Jussis hand is ok again and we can fully concentrate on Sense of Silence.

Suiciderock: So now you are ready to show your material to the outside world?
Jarkka: We definately are. It makes no sense if you keep the songs to yourself all the time our if you just rehearse them somewhere. Of course, you want to get some feedback or see how they turn out when you play them life. That will also change the music again. We are really looking forward to that.
Tommi: Same for me. Iím really looking forward to the life gigs. Iím playing in another band as well. It is more like a cover project but we are playing life and I really enjoy performing on stage.

Suiciderock: What expects people when they come to your shows?
Jarkka: That is a tricky one. I might need a moment to answer that. I hope that the people who come to our shows can relate to the songs and to our music. I hope that they can value the music.

Suiciderock: Are you nervous to present your material now after hiding it so long to yourself?
Tommi: Not really. I might have been a little nervous before our first gig a couple of days ago but than it got better very quickly.
Jarkka: The only thing to be nervous about is maybe the reaction of the people. I mean how they will accept our material and if they are really get what we want to express. We try to deliver energy and relaxation but we donít have any specials when it comes to our show at least no special performance. We donít eat living chickens, we wonít break any guitars or whatever and we try to avoid any kind of known clichťs.

Suiciderock: The song ďTrue LoveĒ was inspired by Philip Ridley who wrote the cult movie ď The Reflecting SkinĒ.  How exactly did the movie inspire you for the song?
Jarkka: We want all of our songs to have some kind of message or at least there should be some meaning in them. The movie had a huge impact on me when it came out. It has that kind of contradiction of being very fragile and at the same time controlling and not caring. Innocence can be Hell is a line of that song and that particular line is a very important part for the song. Of course, the song is about love as well but at the same time you have to read between the lines. That makes it so special and the movie was a great inspiration for me when it comes to that song.

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