Helsinki 2013

(c) Timo Kulmala

"It feels good to write again"

Suiciderock: Please give us a little introduction of the band to start this conversation
Tuomas: Shades of Nowhere was founded in 2005 and it took a few years before a stable line-up was achieved. Around 2008 there were the first permanent members. The next big thing in this matter happened in 2012 when the line-up changed dramatically. This was really a huge improvement in every way. Nowadays you could say that the music itself is a mixture of punk rock, pop music flavours and the feeling of Irish rock.

Suiciderock: Your new album “Nowhere Town” just hit the stores on 08th of February. It was released through V.R. Label Finland is obvious that the name of the album relates to the band name. What was the idea behind the album title?
Tuomas: The album title represents very well the atmosphere of the whole album. It is about making a change and getting away from the place that is putting you down. Of course, the reference to the band name is quite nice also.

Suiciderock: “Take you out tonight” is the first single of “Nowhere Town”. What can you tell us about the song and the album?
Tuomas: "Take you out tonight" is a good rock song which turns you into a good mood. It's basically all about partying and rocking your ass off. It also has nice male-female vocal things.
"Nowhere Town" on the other hand is a theme album which describes the birth, destruction and overcoming of a love story. Despite of the deep and almost like sad story it is actually very much full of hope and you can hear this also in the music, not only lyrics.

Suiciderock: What are your songs about and who is responsible for the song writing?
Tuomas: Well, like said, "Nowhere Town" is a theme album. Main themes involve the love story but getting out of the actual "town" is also a big theme. Jarno has written the songs and lyrics, and after that the band together has made different arrangements and so.
Jarno: Yes, and that theme album thing just came from out of nowhere to me. After the album was recorded, Jussi Vuola from our record label read the lyrics and said "guys, you have a great theme album here. There is a good story, why won't we use it". I didn't plan making a theme album when I was writing songs. Of course, I had a common thread in lyrics but the idea of a theme album came from Jussi.

Suiciderock: “Anthems For The End” was your first, your debut album. What is the difference if you compare this two records?
Tuomas: There is actually quite a big difference between these two. I don't actually even play in "Anthems" but that album is a bit messy. It's still looking for the direction. If you compare the overall sounds between these two, it is pretty fair to say that "Anthems" doesn't have a chance.
Jarno: In "Anthems" there are a couple of good songs that we still are playing in every show. I don't like the sound of the album, for me it's too metal.

Suiciderock: You have a female singer which is not so common when it comes to a Metal band. Riina Tuulia, how do you feel among all this guys?
Tuomas: Riina is definitely one of us.
Jarno: She's got more balls than any woman I've ever seen.

Suiciderock: You went through a couple of line- up changes during your career. How do you feel about them and didn’t you get tired of always having a new person in the band who wasn’t familiar with your songs?
Jarno: It always hits hard when someone decides to leave your band. You could take it personally but in the end it's just like any other relationship. But we have always made through those changes and now we're stronger band than ever.

Suiciderock: What about the current line-up? Are you here to stay?
Tuomas: We are very comfortable with the current situation. Everybody has their thing and we're thrilled working together as a group.

Suiciderock: You will go on a little Tour through Finland to present your new album. Will more gigs follow and what are you expecting from that tour?
Tuomas: Yeah, we're hoping to do shows at least for the rest of the year. More gigs will definitely come. We just had our first gig outside of Finland when were in a private party in Tallinn, Estonia. What a trip! We'll be there again for sure. All in all, getting also outside of Finland is one our main goals.

Suiciderock: You played your kick off gig for the tour in your hometown Turku last week. How did that go? How did the audience react when they heard the new material?
Tuomas: That show was just amazing. Probably the best gig I've ever personally done so far. Such an incredible crowd and everything went so well. We played all the new songs which didn't leave that much room for other material but the audience was very pleased. We enjoyed, they enjoyed.

Suiciderock: What are you future plans except touring?
Tuomas: Well one the key things is the album promotion right now. Some single releases have also been discussed and we're looking forward to what different radio channels have to say about the material. Of course, at some point it is time to start thinking about the next album. Then we can start the whole thing from the beginning again. But that's why we're doing this so stay tuned!
Jarno: I have already started writing new songs after a short break. It feels good to write again!

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