Kuopio Rock Cock 2006 / Henry's Pub

(Photo by  Laurizio)

"We want to give something more than just the songs."

Suiciderock: Can you give us some background on how you got together as a band?Maybe you can introduce yourself and your bandmates?
Samuli: I'm Samuli. I play guitar and I try to sing sometimes.
Dizzy: I`m Dizzy. I play bass and I sing background vocals. With this line-up we are together since almost one year now. Actually a bit more, a bit more than one year. Everybody except our leadsinger has changed. We are all new.

Suiciderock: What made each of you become a musician?
Samuli: That's a hard question.
Dizzy: For me personally I think it was AC/DC that inspired me to start playing music. It's just for fun.
Samuli: For me it was Gun`n Roses. When I had my 10th birthday, I got „A matter of destruction" from Guns`n Roses as a birthday present. Slash was so cool for me. So I wanted to be like him.

Suiciderock: You said your influences come from bands like The Ramones or Guns'n Roses. In how far did this bands inspire you in your own style? Would you say that listeners can find something of this bands in your music?
Dizzy: You know everything has already been done, so have to find something that has to be a bit different. You can`t go on with a Guns`n Roses coverband, because that`s no fun anymore.
Samuli: You see so many bands, that try to be like some other band. In Scandinavia we have millions of bands who sound the same nowadays. I don`t know. Maybe it has something to do with the success of bands like The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies or HIM.
Dizzy: Because when HIM broke through, there were like 20 bands who wanted to be like them. It looks like an easy way to go, but there are too many bands sounding like them.
Samuli: We love good metal and we mix it a bit up with rock`n roll, so maybe that´s the difference between us and all these bands. It's like heavy ABBA or something.

Suiciderock: While talking about inspiration... What inspires you for your songs? Would you say that your everyday life reflects in your songs?
Dizzy: Of course mostly our leadsinger is responsible for the lyrics, but everybody brings in his own ideas.
Suiciderock: And what inspires you for your songwriting?
Dizzy: Everything that happens every day. We could do something about this interview.

Suiciderock: Your debut-album "Melodie Cruise" was released in . The bonus tracks on it were produced, co-written and co-sung by Michale Monroe from Hanoi Rocks. How did this collaboration came up?
Samuli: That`s also a question you have to ask our singer.  Our singer is a huge Hanoi Rocks fan.
Dizzy: I think he was begging Michael in every backstage or a gig or whatever and suddenly it happened.
Suiciderock: What was it like to work with him?
Dizzy: He is a really nice guy. He is very energetic, but a really nice guy though. He loves music, so it was great to work with him. It doesn`t matter for him, if it is a small band or a big band.
Samuli: That's the good thing about him. To work with us it shows that he really loves music. (laughs). He is a really great guy.

Suiciderock: Would you say that this collaboration helped you to grow considering your musical career?
Samuli: The only way you can grow as a songwriter is that you have to write more and more songs. It's a good thing, that we have worked with a person like Michael. But we don`t want to consider him as a legend.
Dizzy: Some songs were great and some songs were just crap.

Suiciderock: Was it easier for you as a young band to bring out the first record cause Michael was involved in the recording-process?
Dizzy: No, his name isn't shown anywhere only inside. So that means you can read it when you already have bought the record, but not before.

Suiciderock: Your band had another name, before you became "The Slipping Stitches" you used to be called "Peace of mind". What was the reason for this change?
Samuli: It actually came from a Michael Monroe song.
Dizzy: The original name of the band „Peace of mind" came from a Michael Monroe song, but for the new name you have to ask our singer.
Samuli: The funny thing is that our name is always spelled wrong on ads for gigs and stuff like that. It's never right. It's always something like Slipping Shit and so on or Slipping Tits. 

Suiciderock: let`s stay at the subject changes... your band went through a line-up change. What happend?
Dizzy: You have to ask our singer.
Suiciderock: But you are asked now and he is not here.
Dizzy: But he has better answers because he is the only one left from the old line-up.
Samuli: But I think the old guys just got bored.

Suiciderock: What about touring? Any plans for shows in and also outside of Finland? I read you played in Italy last year. Is Germany a market for you?
Dizzy: There is Italy coming up.
Suiciderock: Is it your headline tour?
Samuli: I think so.
Dizzy: We have been in Italy like 7 or 8 months ago. It was great fun so we love to do it again.

Suiciderock: Time to make a little bit promotion for your band... Why should people come to see your shows and what`s the best reason to buy your album?
Dizzy: Good question.
Samuli: First of all, our songs are great, there is a lot of energy.
Dizzy: For buying the record: It's when you hear a song on the radio and you see a band, that gives power on stage and it`s not standing still all the time, that`s a reason for buying the album as well. It`s a visual experience.  We want to give something more than just the songs.

Suiciderock: Are there already ideas for new material? When can we expect the follower of "Melody Cruise"?
Samuli: I think it`s gonna be more rock. More straight forward. 

Suiciderock: Your plans and wishes for the future?
Samuli: We try to gain more success.
Dizzy: We have to take it easy and see were it goes. We have to see what's going on.
Samuli: We are looking for a bigger label. We are trying to find a bigger label, because we get more money than, more audience and more gigs.

Suiciderock: Some last words for our readers of Suiciderock?
Dizzy: We do this for fun and for you guys.
Samuli: Have fun and always remember good jokes.
Dizzy: Come to see us life and we gonna have fun together.

Photos of that interview and their performance can be found in the gallery!