Kuopio Rock Cock 2006

(Photo by Turo Vaarti)

"Just go straight for your music, everything else comes after that"

Suiciderock: For all the people out there, who probably don`t know you yet. Would you tell us something about the history of the band? How and when did you get together?
Eero: We are friends since many years. We started up in 2003, but we have played in other bands before.

Suiciderock: Where do you see your roots? Are there any musicians, who had major influences on your style? Any idols to mention?
Eero: I would say Lagwagon, Green Day, NOFX and bands like that.

Suiciderock: Can you find something of this bands again in your style?
Eero: Yes a little bit.

Suiciderock: Can you still recall your first show as a band? What did you feel while standing on stage for the very first time?
Eero: I was really f***ing nervous before the first show. We played in a place in Turku, called TBO. It was in 2003. 

Suiciderock: You just signed a deal with Hpye Records. Why this label?
Eero: I don`t know. It just happened.

Suiciderock: What about the roles in the band? Who is responsible for the songwriting and who for the music itself?
Eero: Feelings that I have. Sorry my head is quite empty today.
Ville: I think the lyrics come from everyday life.

Suiciderock: How do you create a song? How does it develop from the idea to the finnishing? Could you describe the progress of creation?
Ville: The basement is the best place for us.

Suiciderock: You went through some changes in the line-up. Your former guitar-player Jussi left and got replaced by Sauli. What was the reason why he left and how does Sauli fit into the band?
Eero: Jussi will be a pilot soon.

Suiciderock: Your debut album „Suburbian Symphony" was released in March. What reactions did you get since then?
Eero: Mostly good ones.

Suiciderock: Yesterday you played a show in Turku. How was it?
Eero: Yep. It's always great to play in your hometown. You have a lot of friends who come to see your show. It`s really great for us.

Suiciderock: Would you like to perform also outside of your homecountry? Maybe some plans already?
Eero: We don`t have any plans yet, but I hope that we will have the chance in the future to play in other countries, too.

Suiciderock: Your first single „About the Sorrow" was released in February. Which song will be your next single and how do you choose a song to become a single?
Eero: The next single is going to be Music Box.
Ville: Or Hell my darling. We don`t know yet.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for „So called plan"?
Ville: We want to play lots of gigs and we want to stay alive.

Suiciderock: Some last words for
Eero: Sorry, but my head is too empty today! Maybe buy our album!

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