St. Felix
Helsinki 2009

(c) St. Felix Official

"How it sounds when Foo Fighters, Muse & Placebo having group sex"

Suiciderock: Please introduce St. Felix.
Hencca: Me and our guitar player Anssi have known each other since a very long time. He was 10 and I was 16 years old when we got to know each other through a circus club. Anssi could already play the guitar back than. So there was always a little conversation about having a band but than I moved to Germany in 2000 with my girlfriend. Anssi started with a few bands here in Espoo. I had some bands in Hamburg, but I always came back to Finland to visit my family and friends and so the band conversation came up again. Once Anssi visited me in Germany and we spent a week together and during that time we recorded a few songs on a four-track recorder. Two years later I moved back to Finland and we started with the band straight away. It was something we really wanted to happen for a long time.

Suiciderock: How did you get together with the other guys than?
Anssi and me started the band in 2007 and Anssi brought the bassist and the drummer. So we are playing since about two years now. I think we are making a really good progress as a band. St. Felix is a really new band.

Suiciderock: How would you define the style of St. Felix?
We play a kind of a mixture of rock and funk. We don´t want to see ourselves in a specific genre. We just want to play music. Of course, it is easier for the music industry or at least for the major labels to categorize the style of a band, but we are still in the progress. We want to try something new all the time and I think we have found a very good sound but we are still searching for our own style. This will develop in the future and the sound of St. Felix will be more specific than.

Suiciderock: What do you think about the music industry that always trys to put bands into a certain corner?
The labels want some kind of a package that they can handle and sell. They want that the marketing is very easy. So, they really want a specific style and that´s why we are different comparing to other bands.

Suiciderock: Can you describe your bandmembers shortly?
Well, Anssi our guitar player is a very good guitarist. Toni, our bassist, is a father. He has a little baby girl. Our drummer Ville is the new guy in the band. He is been playing five gigs with us now. He studies at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. So, I guess he is the most professionell band member. He plays a lot of classical music.

Suiciderock: Isn´t it difficult to combine the classical side of him with the style of St. Felix?
No, Ville is a very talented drummer and he can adept to every kind of style very easily. It´s working out pretty well. He has it´s own view about musical things, but he can understand our wishes as good as. He is a guy easy to work with. He was playing in a lot of bands before.

Suiciderock: How does a song develop from an idea to a real tune?
Mostly, we have this basic idea for a song, than Anssi forms the idea into a song and records it on his mp3 player in his kitchen. He gathers ten to twelve songs, than he shows me the material and than we talk about the material. If we both agree if the songs are good enough, it works.

Suiciderock: What about the lyrics for the songs? Are you responsible for the lyrics?
The lyrics come from me.

Suiciderock: What kind of music inspires you as a band?
Anssi likes to listen to Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which you can also hear in his own guitar sound. Our bass-player listens a lot to Nirvana. We are into all kind of styles and you find this influences in our music. I listen to stuff like Aerosmith, Placebo.
Tommi (manager of the band):
For me it´s like Foo Fighters, Muse and Placebo having group sex.

Suiciderock: Who had the idea for your band name, because somehow it´s really special?
The idea came from our bass-player Toni. He read somewhere that "Felix" means happiness in life. We had a lot of different names to choose. We had the idea for this "St." earlier. It just sounded cool to us. There was this band called "St. Phoenix", so we choose to name our band "St. Felix". Besides that we wanted to join this band contest and we needed the name for the band to be able to participate in the competition.

Suiciderock: What about this band contest? What happened to St. Felix than?
This was just a demo contest. Bands could just send their demos in, but we had this other contest last year. We got one round further and that was it. The audience voted for the bands. We had to play at Gloria with 10 other bands. We really don´t take this kind of things seriously. This band contests are more for teenagers.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your live shows?
I think I can savely say that they can expect a good show. A life show should be there to present the music to the people in the audience as good as you can. We try to have a good time on stage. We try to transfer the feeling and the fun to the listeners. Our first priority, when going on stage, to make people forget about their jobs and sorrows for a couple of minutes.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
Well, to promote the band and we are trying to establish a fanbase. We want to play a lot, record new songs and to release the second album in 2010.

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