Tampere 2009

(c) Stairs Official

"Rock, Pop and Good Vibes"

Suiciderock: Please introduce Stairs to the readers of Suiciderock to start the interview.
Tuomas: As some people still might know I had this band called Bullet Ride with Antti, who nowadays is the guitarplayer and songwriter of Stairs. When Bullet Ride broke up we decided to change our music style. We wanted to make it more melodic, make the sound a little bit softer. So Antti and me have known before. Our Bassplayer Tarko and me have been work colleagues. I guess Marios should tell you how he got to know Antti. This is a quite funny story…
Marios: It`s kind of a magical story. I had to help a friend as she moved to Tampere. While packing in all the stuff we saw a guy smoking on the balcony on the opposite side. I shouted to him and asked were I could buy cigarettes. We started to talk and the guy over there was Antti. So we were shouting from one site to the other. One week later I saw him again and shouted "Hey, let`s form a band!"
Tuomas: We searched for a singer for quite a long time, maybe one year and a half.
Suiciderock: Was it that difficult to find an adequate singer for the band?
Tuomas: Our limits and expectations have been very high. The singers in my previous bands have always been very good and talented people. So we were searching for a guy who has everything, a good voice, charisma, a good look,… It was very difficult to find someone like that.
Marios: Everything happened in the right time. I was free cause my former band just broke up and so it was perfect. As I said, it was some kind of magic in any ways.
Suiciderock: Why did Bullet Ride brake up?
Tuomas: We had some musical difficulties. Angie and I wanted to make the songs sound a bit more like Nikelback or 30 Seconds to Mars, we wanted to make hits. We wanted to make our own style a bit more commercial. I mean this in a positive way. We wanted to make our music radiofriendly, you know?
Suiciderock: So what kind of a style can be found in the songs of Stairs?
Tuomas: I would say it is Rock`n Roll combined with Pop.
Marios: At the moment our band is in the middle of a growing process. We are trying different stuff and all I can say is that we are creating something really great. It still sounds like something you have already heard from the radio before but we are putting in our own style and that makes it special.
Suiciderock: How long does the band exist?
Tuomas: Antti and me started back in 2007. Marios joined us about one year ago.
Suiciderock: Who takes the responsibility when it comes to the songwriting?
Tuomas: I would say it is a group project. We already had about 7 songs ready before Marios came into the band but now he has written 5 songs as well. Now we hope that we get the chance to play as many lifegigs as possible. Cause a band can only grow together while performing. We are still quite young…
Suiciderock: You`ve played only 5 gigs so far but how did the audience react?
Marios: Actually we got really positive feedback. We have played 2 accoustic gigs.
Tuomas: We`ve played at Tammerfest this year.
Marios: It`s great, strangers came and they`ve told us that we really rocked. That was a very good experience.
Suiciderock: What did your old Bullet Ride fans say when they heard the new material of Stairs?
Tuomas: Well, it was quite hard especially for Antti and me cause we had to proove that our new band is also good, that it is even better. But in the end we luckily had some people who liked Bullet Ride before and they liked Stairs as well.
Suiciderock: Can you tell us something about the characters of the band. You all look very different? How important is the styling for a band?
Marios: You know, we don`t want to control anybody. Everybody in the band has his own freedom in whatever he wantd to do. That`s the best about Stairs as a band in my opinion.
Tuomas: Well, there is one exception, we don`t want anybody to wear a gothic dress or something gloomy. We use lots of colours when we play a gig. When it comes to the characteristic aspects I guess Marios and me are the most social ones in the band, we do the most interviews and so on. Tarko is a father and Antti has a lot of work with his studies.
Suiciderock: He studies in Jyväskyllä, which is about 100km away from Tampere. Isn`t that a problem when it comes to the rehearsals?
Tuomas: It used to be but it is not anymore. Of course we would like to rehearse more.
Marios: I write songs and than I bring them to the rehearsal place than the other members bring in their own ideas and that`s how the song becomes complete.
Suiciderock: What are your songs about?
Marios: Every Finnish band likes to sing about how much love hurts. They like to feed the sadness inside the people. It`s true, sometimes you are sad but I think it`s not good to feed the sadness even more. There is so much life to live, when you are young you really should try to live your dreams or at least to achieve them because you live only one time.
Tuomas: "When you really want something the whole universe is going to help you". You know Marios is partly from Cyprus, maybe he brings a little bit of sunshine into our Finnish melancholy.
Suiciderock: Why is it so easy to sing about sad stuff and so difficult to sing about positive things?
Marios: Well, it`s because of the long winters and all the darkness that comes with that. Maybe that`s why people see the little things in live a little bit different comparing to the rest of Europe.
Tuomas: We need to give our listeners hope and we want to show them that there is a
light at the end of the tunnel.
Marios: Don`t get us wrong, we also sing about sad things but we know that there is always something positive coming as well.
Suiciderock: Who had the idea for your bandname?
Marios: It`s a simple name and it stays in your mind.
Tuomas: You have to move many stairs in your live while growing up. You keep on learning everytime. That maybe is the deeper meaning behind the name.
Suiciderock: You are going to perform a accustic gig at a bar here in Tampere, called Minibaari. What can people expect from your liveshows?
Tuomas: We give so much to our music that the audience can see and feel it. It doesn`t matter if we play a accoustic or normal show. We have this slogan " Rock, Pop and good vibes". That`s how you can imagine our shows.
Suiciderock: Your influences are?
Tuomas: They are quite commercial as well. I think we should name U2, Nickelback, HIM,…
Marios: I like a lot of 70`s music eg. Now it is some kind of a fashion thing here in Finland but I was a fan of that music ever since.
Tuomas: There are no bad categories in music. It`s all about taste.
Suiciderock: Your futureplans for Stairs?
Tuomas: To play as many gigs in as many countries as possible.

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