Stala & So
Helsinki 2011

(c) Marko Saari

"In the End it´s only Rock`n Roll"

Suiciderock: You have been around already quite a while, the band came together in 1997? Please tell us a little bit about you?
Samsa: Sure. The band was started while I was still playing drums for Lordi back in 1997. At this time the band’s name was still “So”. It was about one year ago when I decided to make a solo album. Of course I needed some musicians to help me with that and it turned out that the guys from “So” played most of the stuff for this album. After this we decided to put that old band back together and here we are as Stala & So. That’s how to shorten a long story *smiles*.

Suiciderock:  However it stayed a little quiet around you guys after the band was found in 1997 as other projects kept you busy. Did you start the band just as a hobby back than?
Samsa: No, the band wasn’t mend to be one of this side projects you have just to do something else apart from your main band or whatever. This band is kind a like my baby. You know in Lordi I was the drummer. I couldn’t really express myself that much behind the drums. This is totally different with Stala & So. I’m singing for this band and that makes it easier to express myself. Don’t get me wrong here, it was nice to play with Lordi for 10 years but I felt that I really need to do my own thing. It was some kind of now or never situation for me. It has been a big dream for me to do this album and I finally was able to do it. I could have done both projects but unfortunately the Lordi guys didn’t agree with that.

Suiciderock: No hard feelings with Lordi than?
Samsa: No, I don’t wanna waste my time with things like that. We are good. In the end it’s only Rock`n Roll you know…

Suiciderock: The beginning of this year started quite exciting for you. You took part in the Finnish Eurovision Song contest where you made your way up to the finals together with 9 other artists. How was that?
Samsa: First of all I have to say that we didn’t really attempted to take part there. A friend of mine heard one of our songs while I was mixing the album and he said that I should this song to YLE who had this kind of open competition where you could send your songs in. In the beginning I took this as a joke and I really didn’t want to do it. But after a while I thought I should give it a go just to see what happens. It was the very last day of this competition when I sent the song. After I sent the song, which was not “Pamela” by the way, I read the rules and conditions for the competition and I found out that every composer is allowed to send two songs. I just had finished the mixing for “Pamela” and so I decided to send also this song. It was like playing the lottery. I was quite surprised when I got the call the we were in.

Suiciderock: Is there are real “Pamela” out there for who you have written the song?
Samsa: Haha, well there are many Pamela’s out there. That’s all I can say to that. It’s some kind of thung in cheek song. People shouldn’t take it that serious.

Suiciderock: Stala, you already have Eurovision experience? To be more specific, winning experiences? Did you feel like “been there, done that” or how was that?
Samsa: No, no not at all. It was a totally new experience for us. It was different than back than when I was taking part with Lordi. Of course it is the same thing all in all but it was great to experience that with this guys. We had lots of fun there.

Suiciderock: So you are working as a producer next to your band career?
Samsa: Yeah exactly. I kind of help those young bands out. You know if you are in the beginning stage you don’t have that much money to go to one of this big studios out there. I produce there promos for a small amount of money. But there are also some bigger artists as well. I also did something for Wellu Rowaltz recently. I also sing some backing vocals for other bands. I’m fine as long as I’m surrounded with music. That’s somehow all I need.

Suiciderock: Your songs are a lot about women, so it is quite obvious what inspired you for them. Any other source of inspiration than women?
Samsa: Is there anything else than women you could write about? No, just kidding. I write most of the songs. Sometimes Sami helps with that, for example our Eurovision song “Pamela” has been co written with our guitar player, Sami. You see, again a song about women… This album is a collection of songs. The oldest ones have been written in the 90`s already and the newest tracks are from last year. I would say it’s a collection of our best songs we have written during the years.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your life shows? You are a quite colourful band?
Samsa : We are kind of that funny band. We are smiling all the time, having a party every time we are on stage. You have six guys there on stage, looking funny and giving you a great show.

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