Helsinki 2008

Juha Helminen

"Sweat, Blood, Fire and everything you need"

Suiciderock: First of all. What was your Christmas like?
Anzi: Oh my Christmas has been very nice. It was quiet and loud the same time…

Suiciderock: So you did celebrate it in the countryside like almost every Finn did?
Anzi: Of course! That is very good for body and soul. This tradition is pretty nice and also very very old.
deVille: Yeah you have the chance to meet your family and to calm down for a while. You need that every now and than.
Anzi: The other side is that you party with all your friends the day after Christmas, so it is a good mixture of everything.

Suiciderock: Did you get any extra ordinary presents or did you give any away?
Anzi: Mmh, yes I got a couple of funny presents… but I won`t tell anything about the best and funniest one I got *smiles*.

Suiciderock: The band was found in 2003 but had some changes in its line-up in 2007. You as guitar player , Ronnie Loco on the drums and Rainey Klein on bass.
Anzi: This line-up is definately the fix line-up for the Stereo Junks. It feels so good that we finally have a band which is kinda ready. It took us almost two years to find the line-up what we have now. We had a lot of different guys that we wanted to try than they left, than another one came and so on. It feels very good to practise new songs with the guys. We never had the time to do that so intensive. We were always touring and between our gigs we changed the drummer. It was so stressfull. We only practised for the live-shows and there wasn`t any time left to train or even to try new material.
deVille: Yeah, it feels like a total new beginning for the band.

Suiciderock: Alarik from Bloodpit was playing the drums for the Stereo Jungs for a while…
Anzi: Yeah a long story. We needed a drummer. We asked Ilari from Bloodpit if he wants to play with us. At that time Bloodpit had split up and so he was free. He played with us a while. He was playing with us a bit more than a half year and than Bloodpit was formed again. So Ilari left because he didn`t have enough time to play in two bands. After that we had to search for a new drummer again. Before Ilari played the drums we had Eliaz from Private Line behind our drumkit. It`s so difficult if you have two bands at the same time.

Suiciderock: You are a mulit-kulti Band, you have a Spanish / Colombian origin and Rainey is from Japan. Both of you moved over to Finland to join the Stereo Junks. How did you get to know each other?
Anzi: No, our drummer is from Finland. We knew him before and he just came to my mind when we were touring in Spain.
deVille: Yeah, Eliaz couldn`t go on tour with us so we called Ronnie and he was with us. He fits quite well to the Stereo Junks. That`s why he became a permanent member of the band later on.

Suiciderock: Was it really that difficult to find good bandmembers?
Anzi: Well, we have so many players here in Finland and it is really hard to find good ones. The good ones are taken already…
deVille: The chemistry plays a big role as well of course. It doesn`t mean that a good player automaticly fits into our band. It has to match. I just can repeat myself and Anzi when I say that our recent line-up is perfect and it feels really good to play with these guys.

Suiciderock: Could you describe each character of your bandmates by using one word?
Anzi: Ok, I will start with our drummer. He is “crazy”…
deVille: Well, it`s easy to describe Anzi, “destruction” matches best with him. Our bassplayer is “charming”, yeah I think that`s good. I`m “always late”.

Suiciderock: You said that your first single "Chemistry" introduces a new side of the Stereo Junks. What does that mean?
Anzi: Of course, it has something to do with the line-up changes. But we always try to find new ways to impress our music. That`s a natural thing what happens to us as a band. I think that`s the next level. The new stuff is more heavier and maybe also more raw comparing to everything we`ve done before. It`s kinda cool new material.
deVille: I would agree with Anzi. Our sound has changed if you compare it to our “Suicide Angel” EP. We always try to find and to discover something new for ourselves. It`s boring to do the same things again and again.
Anzi: The basics are still the same.

Suiciderock: Your new material was recorded at Bad Habit and Seawolf Studios together with Sammy Aaltonen from Private Line and mixed by producer Johnny Lee Michaels at Helsinki Underground Studios. What was it like to work with the guys?
Anzi: It was great. Johnny was the mixer. We`ve been working with Sammy Aaltonen. I was there when they recorded the Private Line album. Sammy is a great guy. We made three songs with him already. One with Johnny. Our next EP will include four songs. There will also be a special version of “Chemistry” made by one of the world`s best dj`s, dj Proteus. It`s a crazy, hardcore remix.

Suiciderock: You are still searching for a recordlabel. Are there any good responses so far?
Anzi: Actually we are still searching for a record label, yes. We have sent out our demos and stuff. There is something going on but we can`t talk about that yet because nothing is fix so far.

Suiciderock: You are well-know here in Finland but you performed for your fans outside of the country as well. The band played in India back in 2003. How did it happen that you played there?
Anzi: That was awesome. We know this Indian guy who has been living here in Finland 20 years if I remember right now. He wanted to get the Stereo Junks to India. I told him that this is a good idea. Two month later he came and told me that it will happen.

Suiciderock: Was it a real tour or did you play only few shows over there?
Anzi: We played about seven or eight gigs. We were supposed to play 13 gigs but one of us got so sick, so we had to cancel some shows. It was really nice. We stayed in a small village for one week, it was something completely different comparing to everything we`ve done before.

Suiciderock: How did the Indian audience react?
Anzi: We played our best gigs at the youthcentres. We also played in hotels and places like that. In South India you don`t have any clubs, only hotels and so on. That was no big hit but the youthcentres rocked.

Suiciderock: Was the Indian audience much different comparing to the European audience?
Anzi: It was cool. Many kids and old grandfathers, all kind of people. They are very crazy about western rockmusic.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your life shows?
Anzi: Sweat, Blood, Fire and everything they need!

Suiciderock: You are playing at the Mama Trash Festival here in Finland in March. Any other countries on your schedule?
Anzi: I hope that we can tour in Germany. We have some plans that we might come there next spring but let`s see what happens with that.

Suiciderock: We are on the set of a videoshoot today. What is this about?
Anzi: Yes, we are shooting a movie and I`m acting in this movie. It is a horror movie. The story tells about this rock guy who decided to comit suicide. That guy does a lot of stupid things.

Suiciderock: How long are you going to shoot the film?
Anzi: We started early in the morning and we will stay here until midnight.
deVille: We will also make a video for “Chemistry” on 13th of January.
Suiciderock: What will the clip be like?
Anzi: I know something but not that much. It`s a surprise for us as well somehow. It will be weird *smiles*.

Suiciderock: The year is about to end. People tend to make stupid new years solutions. What are yours?
Anzi: I smoke when I smoke and if I don`t want to smoke I leave it for the other ones. I`m not that kind of person who makes any solutions. I just hope that the next year will be a good one for the Stereo Junks. I think it`s gonna be a great year for us.
deVille: Maybe stop smoking would be nice though *smiles*.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
Anzi: No plans at all. Our band goal for 2009 is to bring out an album…
deVille: Just the basic stuff, the album, touring as much as we can…

Suiciderock: If I look at you right now, this is the first time that this question doesn`t cause any shock moments, your famous last words?
Anzi: Why because I look like I died some days ago??? *smiles* Ok all you out there who have a good taste in music, go and check out the Stereo Junks!


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