Tampere 2008

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"Tales About People"

Suiciderock: T.A.P. has been together as a band since 2004. Can you tell us some basics about your band?
Larry: That`s true, the band exists since 2004. That band consists of 5 members and we are from Tampere. When we decided to found a band we started to rehearse very hard and now we are here.

Suiciderock: Describe all members of the band (including yourself) by using one word.
Adam: Lauri is “lazy”, Juha is “violent”, Sepi is ”fat”, Ano is “a nerd” and I`m an “alcoholic”*smiles*. I guess this describes everyone perfectly.

Suiciderock: You know each other since many years. Would you say that the feeling within a band including such long time friends is stronger than the feeling of let`s say a casting band?
Larry: Yeah, it is definately better if you know your bandmates and if you have known them before. As you said, we are friends since so many years that makes it a lot more easier to play together.
Adam: Yep, we know us since we were kids, it`s easier to make good music, it is easier and definately more fun.

Suiciderock: Your opinion about such casting bands?
Adam: I don`t respect them because they don`t need to work so hard. We had to work very hard with this band and they just come and everybody does the work for them.
Juha: Yeah, fuck off Ari Koivunen! He is such a casted singer…

Suiciderock: “T.A.P.” means “Tales About People”. Who had the idea for this name?
Adam: I guess Ano had the idea for the name.
Larry: As the name reveals already our songs are about people, about real people and real stories.

Suiciderock: What would you say are your musical influences?
Larry: I have to say Bon Jovi. I`m a big fan of Bon Jovi. I`m also very much into Mötley Crew.
Juha: Yes, Mötley Crew is great!
Adam: I would name Children of Boddom.

Suiciderock: You released your new Single in January, including the songs “Careless” and “Mirror”. Can you tell us something about those two songs?
Adam: They are telling about people *laughs*. “Mirror” is about a person who is in love with someone else. What about “Careless”?
Larry: That describes everything…

Suiciderock: I heard that the The Helsinki Music Group was interested in you? Did you get the record deal?
Juha: It is difficult to talk about that stuff cause nothing is fix yet. We are still discussing about that.
Larry: It looks good for us. That`s all I can say.

Suiciderock: You`ve done your first steps outside of your home country Finland in April when you took part in the TRErevolution tour with Renoise and Essentia. Which countries have you seen?
Juha: We played in Germany eg. in Berlin, Austria …
Adam: I have to mention here that Louxembourg was shit…

Suiciderock: How did the idea for the TRErevolution tour came up?
Adam: We have this little promotion company and they made it happen.

Suiciderock: Your summery of the whole tour? How did the people in the club react? Do you think that you could gain more fans?
Adam: It was great. We kept a lot of good memories on that short tour. It was fun.

Suiciderock: Did you take any souvenirs with you from travelling?
Adam: Just bad hangovers. *smiles*
Juha: I can`t remember half of the tour.

Suiciderock: What expects people during your life shows?
Larry: Just a great show and lots of good music.

Suiciderock: Can we expect more shows outside of Finland?
Larry: I think yes. We will go on tour here in Finland and hopefully we manage to come to other countries again. But nothing is sure yet.
Adam: We have been discussing about a TRErevolution tour 2009. Let`s see what happens.

Suiciderock: Your future plans?
Adam: I hope we can sign a recorddeal very soon and after that we have to make plans how to go on and stuff like that, where we can tour,... I hope that we will release our album next year.

Suiciderock: Any songs for the album ready?
Larry: We have about 15 tracks ready.
Adam: But we are constantly working on new stuff so let`s see which of them will make it on the album at the end. Stay tuned!


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