Hollywood / CA 2008

(c) Holly Toledo

"Just make it happen on your own"

Suiciderock: Tell us a bit about the Tattooed Millionaires. What should people know about you?
Johnny: Tattooed Millionaires are a band from Los Angeles, CA USA with a message of freedom and a belief in the Holy Trinity of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.

Suiciderock: SRock said that "The Tattooed Millionaires are the rock and roll bad boys that rock and roll has needed for a very long time!" Would you agree, what do you think while reading stuff like that?
Johnny: If they say nice things about us I tend to agree and if they say bad things about us we tend to ignore, but we never forget.

Suiciderock: You are existing since 2004. How did everything start for you as a band?
Johnny: Well, we started out as a backyard bar-b-q party band and kinda just kept rolling along from there.

Suiciderock: Please describe the character of each band member by using one word.
Johnny: Johnny- Devoted
Evan- Daring
Casey- Dashing

Suiciderock: You describe your band with the words “Tattooed Millionaires are a rock'n'roll band with a message of freedom”. How do we have to imagine this message of freedom?
Johnny: When the black boots come kicking in our door we'll be ready to fire back.

Suiciderock: Your new album “The Power of Rock`n Roll can change the world” will be released this fall. What is your opinion about Rock`n Roll in our world nowadays?
Johnny: Rock and Roll is ready for a revolution. 99% of it is contrived, manufactured and unoriginal. Rock and Roll is ready for black people to start playing it again. Rock and Roll is ready to spit out the spoiled rich kids with little talent and no imagination into the sewer.

Suiciderock: Would you be that kind and tell us a bit more about the album and its recordings itself?
Johnny: The album will contain 10 songs about sex, drugs, power, war and politics - the be the perfect soundtrack for our band in 2009! We will prove that Change for the better is not something a politician can do, only people can make a positive change.

Suiciderock: Will it be different comparing to your foregoing record?
Johnny: Yes, it is a more honest album. The lyrics tell more of a complete story. It is being recorded live and we have been experimenting more with vintage equipment and different instruments. But it is still holding onto it's roots, it still sounds like a TM album.

Suiciderock: You`ve released two full length albums on your own record label “TM Records”. Why your own record label?
Johnny: We started out with the plan to do as much as we could on our own. We are our own manager, corporation, label, publicist - we cover all the bases. For now this is the best way for us and we are learning a lot along the way. One day the right label may come along that we would work with but so far none has. It's not like we are gonna ask them, they have to ask us and give us a ton of money with no strings attached too! Don't hold your breath for that just make it happen on your own!

Suiciderock: In addition to your own music videos, the band has also appeared in featured roles of numerous music videos. Could you imagine to start an actors career in case your rock star career is over one day?
Johnny: I've done some acting and I don't really enjoy it, so no. But Evan is a great actor having been on a TV show for years. Riley is a great actor as well. I think I would just stick to doing what I do best, playing music.

Suiciderock: You`ve been touring a lot since the band was found. Any special tour story to tell?
Johnny: We have all the basic tour stories that a band that has earned their stripes would have. Tour bus breakdowns, groupies, sold out shows and no shows. Touring is the hardest thing a band at our level can do. It is dangerous out on the highway in an old tour bus and there are no guarantees of anything going right. Its fact it's pretty much a case of Murphy's Law on tour- What can go wrong will go wrong.

Suiciderock: Why should people spend their money to see you life and what should they expect when coming to your shows?
Johnny: Any money they spend to see us gets put to good use - keeping the band moving forward and spreading our message of freedom from Big Brother. It's all for a good cause. At the shows they can expect nothing less then pure entertainment with a band that fires up the stage and plays every note like our lives depend on it.

Suiciderock: You've gained a big fan base not only from performing at some clubs but also from the internet. What`s your opinion about MySpace and the internet in general when it comes to spread the word about your band?
Johnny: Of course, we also have to talk about your tattoos. When did you start to make your body a bit more colorful and why?

Suiciderock: What was first? Your band name or the tattoos?
Johnny: *laughs* Tattoos of course. We've been covered in Tattoos for the past 20 years!

Suiciderock: Do you still know how many tattoos you have? And are there special stories behind each tattoo you have?
Johnny: Everyone feels differently about their tattoos. For some there is deep meaning for others it's just covering empty space. I've given a few some thought but mainly I'm just a spontaneous person who gets whatever I feel at the moment.

Suiciderock: What does the future hold for you?
Johnny: Death, taxes, jail? I don't know. I just keep believing that if you do what you enjoy doing and are sincere about it, nice things will happen to you. I hope something nice comes from all of this. If we are able to inspire people to make the world a better place then I suppose the future could hold great things for all of us.

Suiciderock: Any famous last words?
Johnny: You and I are capable of doing anything.


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