Tampere 2009

Joonas Leppäviita

"Let there be music"

Tampere Goodwill Rockers is a group of bands and artists who have come in 2008 together to raise funds and awareness for the poor situation in practice places for the band in their community.
Consisting of members from Lovex, Uniklubi, White Flame, Essentia, The Scanditones, Renoise and Heijaste, TGR has released a charity single by the name of "Let There Be Music" to promote their cause the best way they know how.
The song is freely downloadable here for anyone and everyone interested in helping out getting some much needed facilities not only for pro and semipro bands but for different clubs and craftworkers as well.
If you would like to help our cause, you can send a donation and join to make a difference. Check out their MySpace for more information!

Suiciderock: Who had the idea for the project?
Sammy Black: The "daddy" of the idea is White Flame's Vince. Lovex and White Flame were on tour sometime ago and we talked about the this band rehearsalrooms issue in Tampere. So many bands just got kicked out of their rehearsalrooms in Tampere 'cause the city wants to make more room for new parking lots. So we talked about what we could do for this situation and the rest is history.

Suiciderock: TGR has released a charity single by the name of "Let There Be Music". What is the song about?
Sammy Black: It's a message for people who make these kind of decisions. For many people music is life and it should be supported more.

Suiciderock: People can download the song for free. Do you know how many people took that offer to download the song so far?
Joonas: No idea. We just put it there.
Vince: I actually just checked the MySpace reading and we've got over 4 000. And that's not including other places where folks get it from.

Suiciderock: Will the single be available in the shops as well or for download only?
Joonas: For the moment just for downloading.
Vince: We might try to make a small amount for radio's, but it's a question of money. We are trying to raise and not spend.

Suiciderock: On your MySpace profile you ask people for a donation. What happens to that money? Any concrete plan where you will put that into?
Joonas: We are looking for new rehearsal rooms and we use the donations to the rents.

Suiciderock: How have the reactions regarding your project been so far?
Vince: People are very supportive to our cause in spirit. Hopefully if we get enough volume down the road that spirit will turn into action.

Suiciderock: You performed "Let their be music" in Tamperes music bar Amadeus for the first time a while ago. What was it like? Will there be more performances with the Tampere Goodwill Rockers in the near future?
Vince: That time I did it with Joonas and Aapo as a very brought-down-accoustic version. We did another show at Klubi where we got almost all the singers plus a couple of newbies too. We'll keep on doing the song from time to time every chance we get. There have been talks, that's all I'm saying.

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Suiciderock: Was it easy to gather the members for the Tampere Goodwill Rockers?
Vince: The biggest problem was getting every one into the studio at the same time. Every one has their stuff to do. Many more wanted to take part. But I feel we got a great set of young musicians aboard. It's a rare chance and it's cool we got together for this.

Suiciderock: What do you think about the rehearsal room closing in general?
Sammy Black: Rehearsal rooms are already impacted. There can be like 4-5 bands in a same small room. It is a big setback for a band's career to get kicked out of their rehearsal rooms and it's very difficult to find a new one fast.

Suiciderock: What are your future plans for the project?
Sammy Black: We did one live show with TGR some days ago and it was fun. Hopefully we'll get a chance to do it again. It would be also fun to write few more songs and make a small club tour with this crew. 

The TGR are:
Tampere Goodwill Rockers are:
Lead Vox
Theon (Lovex)
Janne Selo (Uniklubi)
Vince (White Flame)
Tuomas Lepistö (The Scanditones)
Joonas Lepistö (Essentia)
Anthon (White Flame)
Sammy Black (Lovex & Essentia)
Backing Vox
Chris Lee (Renoise)
Mikko (Renoise)
Eerik (Renoise)
A-J (Heijaste)
Antti "Laz" Laurila (Rag Doll & Ex Bullet Ride)

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