Tuska Open Air  Metal Festival / Helsinki 2011

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"There is this certain chemistry"

Suiciderock: It`s been ages since our last interview back in 2007… We are at the Tuska festival today. Did you find any time to check out any bands today?
Marco: Unfortunately not, I came maybe about one hour and a half before our own show so there was not that much time to see any of the other gigs. Than after our own gig I had to do some interviews, so I was basically captured here at the backstage area. But I heard that Epica did a pretty good job out there today. I just got back from a trip yesterday. I will probably hanging around here still for a while. I feel quite tired, because of all the travelling so I don`t think that I will go out tonight, or that I will see much of the gigs later on. You have to relax sometimes as well.

Suiciderock: So tell us something about your recent record…
Marco: Well, “Cravity of Light” was released last year. Demoing and recording the whole album was surprisingly easy this time. Everything happened pretty easy going. We got together, we started to put all the structures together, we started to think about what the whole record should be like. It took us just some weeks to put the whole package together. We have never done an album so easily. I hope it continues like that also for our next records. “Cravity of Light” is also the finest selling album here in Finland. It got pretty nice reviews, we`ve got some nice touring done with the record, I heard no complains.

Suiciderock: You have been re-recording your very first album "Spell of Iron". Was that as easy as recording “Cravity of Light” as you already had the songs for it and why did you decide to re-record it anyway?
Marco: Yeah, that of course was easy as well. However we had to arrange the whole thing pretty heavy. We can celebrate the anniversary of that album. The record came out in 1986. We took all the old songs but the songs changed pretty much. We didn`t have keyboards back than, these days we have two vocalists,… the songs are old but it is pretty much a reflexion what the band is about nowadays.

Suiciderock: Did you change some of the songs completely so that they could be seen almost as new material?
Marco: No, back than we had that kind of young and wild style and we wanted to see if we could capture some of this in the new arranged songs as well. It was not that difficult to do that. You can hear indeed some punk, kick ass influences out of the new arranged material. It was really fun to do that.

Suiciderock: Could you see the re-recording as a gift to your long time fans?
Marco: You could yes, but it has also been a long and rocky road for us as a band to come that far. We have many fans outside of Finland who don´t really know anything about our long history and those people probably don`t even know these songs. I think it is a nice opportunity for them to check out what we have done in the past. But than again that kind of re-recording things never make a kind of big splash in the ocean.

Suiciderock: You just named it, Tarot has been along as a band since a very long time by now.
Marco: It`s just a good bunch of guys, there is this certain chemistry. We enjoy each others company otherwise we wouldn`t have lasted that long. I think we have learned and enjoyed the stuff we had together. We know each other pretty well. As you might imagine… Of course also we had our low times every now and than but I couldn`t imagine that I don`t wanna see any of the guys anymore.

Suiciderock. Your advice to all the young musicians out there?
Marco: Persistance and an open mind. Those are the tings that you should have.

Suiciderock: You have a very close relationship to your fans…
Marco: Nowadays it is so easy to forget about everybody else but I mean for a band it is pretty important and essential that they have fans who like their music. I and everybody else in the band have a big respect for our fans. Any time for example if we play at a festival and the organisers ask us, if we could do an autograph session we are in. We don`t always have the chance to do those things but very often we do it. When we are doing a club tour we go out to meet our fans after the gigs when it`s possible. Of course, we write autographs or take pictures. Where is the big deal? It makes a lot of people happy so why shouldn`t we do it than? *smiles*

Suiciderock: How do you keep yourself in shape for this festival marathon?
Marco: Haha, I`m training, biking you know? I really do some workout at home. What many people forget is that touring is a physical job. You use all your body, you have to work with lots of tension so you have to do something that keeps you in shape. And of course you have to rehearse a lot for the shows when it comes to that aspect. That`s the perfect combination. That`s how you gonna stand it.

Suiciderock: What`s next for Tarot? Your futureplans?
Marco: So far there is this plan that we are going to join PAIN on their European tour. That`s the plan for autumn, October and November. Than I think I will do some of the “Heavy Christmas Shows” here in Finland in December, in January Nightwish will be active again, so I will concentrate on that. Unfortunately I can`t do the two bands at the same time.

Suiciderock: But it worked out quite fine so far…
Marco: Yeah, we are having this system since years now and it has always worked out. Both bands have the same management so everything is pretty much taken care of, so no overbookings or whatever. I like it the way it is.

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