Tampere 2007

"It was always clear that we go on"

Suiciderock: Since our last interview on New Years Eve some time has past. What`s new for The Bitterlicks?
Jimmy: Our singer left the band. I`m singing these days. We´ve got some new tunes. We are recording our first record.
Raffe: And we are much better.
Jimmy: We are definitely better than before. There is some bullshit with the record company going on. The record will come out some day.
Simo: We`ve practised a lot. We are so much better playing together.
Jimmy: Before we didn`t practise so much, but now we practise three times a week.

Suiciderock: What was the reason why Julius left?
Jimmy: Personal reasons. I don`t want to get more into this.

Suiciderock: You are in the studio to record your first album. What will it sound like? Will it be familiar with the songs your fans already know or will it be different?
Jimmy: Oh, it definitely will be like the material the fans already know.
Simo: We will record every song we have played live before.
Jimmy: The record is 11 songs long.
Raffe: It will be like something you never heard before.
Jimmy: Actually it will sound like you have heard it, but new stuff.
Raffe: Exactly.
Jimmy: It will be a fucking good record.
Simo: We have recorded the drum tags already and they already kick ass.
Jimmy: Yeah but we had to take a break from the studio because of the trouble with the record company.
Raffe: We are just playing the live gigs at the moment.

Suiciderock: When will you continue recording?
Jimmy: I don`t know. As soon as we get the contract thing figure out. Maybe in the next month.

Suiciderock: When can the album be expected than?
Jimmy: That`s a fucking hard question. I really don`t know. I would say within a year. No, tomorrow. *smiles*

Suiciderock: Did you consider to quit the band when Julius left or was it always clear that you want to rock on?
Jimmy: It was always clear that we go on with the band.
Raffe: Yeah, we could have quitted but what should we do than? It was a mutual decision that we keep going. Jimmy does all the songs now. He is responsible for all the lyrics. So it`s not a big change for us.

Suiciderock: Is there already a name for the album?
Jimmy: No.
Raffe: Straight on and gathering.
Simo: Yeah we will decide that later.

Suiciderock: You`ve done some shows already with the new songs. How did the audience react?
Jimmy: Really good.
Simo: We are getting better all the time. It was our fifth show today as a four piece band and we are getting better and better.
Jimmy: It was weird for me when I started singing and to play guitar as well. Before I was just writing songs and you could always find me on the side. I was this Keith Richard kind of guy, but I`ve sang before on stage and also at the rehearsal room. So I thought why not? I`ve got positive feedback from everybody. It feels good right now.

Suiciderock: You wrote the songs this time?
Jimmy: For example “Try as fast as you can” was written by Raffe. And “Try not to think” was written by Raffe and me.
Raffe: I`m not that kind of guy who needs to read his name in some booklet under a song.
Jimmy: The songs wouldn`t sound the way they do if they wouldn`t have the influences and the input of all the band members.
Erland: Simo and me only write progressive death metal. everybody laughs For one reason I don`t know. I think we gonna quit the band very soon. *laughs*
Simo: Yeah we will do a tour in Norway.
Jimmy: The little girls would be scared to death.

Suiciderock: What inspired you for the song writing?
Raffe: Same shit as always. Selfpity.
Jimmy: On our ep it was about a very depressive time you can go out of bed and stuff like that. The newer songs are a little bit more optimistic. They have a different soul. I don`t really like to talk about my lyrics, because I just write them. They just come. Everybody can interpretate them the way he wants.