Helsinki 2012

(c) The Flaming Sideburns

"Music should be more than just an image"

Suiciderock: First of all I have to admit that it is really hard to find anything about you on the net right now. What happened to your homepage?
Eduardo: Thatís true. It was about four years ago when we found ourselves without a management. That was the time when we realised how important it is that we are still together as a band. This is much more important than having a great homepage or record deal or whatever. We are doing this down to earth kind a thing right now. Even if that means that we are playing in smaller venues and clubs than we used to play. Thatís also why our homepage went down. But luckily people still know about us and our fans are more than important to us. Of course, we will work on that homepage thing as you apparently really need that as a band nowadays. Especially when it comes to tour dates or people who are interviewing you. It makes it a lot more easier also for our fans out there. But as I said, at the moment it is more important for us to play gigs.

Suiciderock: You are from Argentina. I read that the reason why you moved to Finland was a woman. Is that true? Or is there some other explanation behind your moving?
No, no not really. That was just some kind of a joke. My father is from Argentina. When I moved to Finland I wanted to see where this is taking me. I didnít speak any Finnish by that time which didnít make the whole thing any easier. My mother language is still Spanish. But I got along and I started to form a band. A band like this wouldnít have gotten any chance in Argentina. The people here are playing for the love to music and it is a pretty original thing for them. While this isnít absolutely the case in South America. The people there have to think about making their living first. They first have to survive. If you decide to make a living out of music you have to make commercial music to succeed. Here in Finland you have this freedom to do what you want when it comes to the musical site. There are a lot of great talented underground bands which I like. Thatís great about this country.

Suiciderock: How did you end up with the band than? I mean you are playing with them at least around 20 years from now...
I havenít been a singer when I came to Finland. I was just another drunk guy who liked to go to a lot of shows. There was this singer from Argentina who came to visit me back in the days and I had to help him with some translating stuff as he was planning to put a band together which never happened. He gave me some contacts and in the end I met all this musicians at some jam session and they asked me if I wanted to sing for them. I told them that I could stick around until they have found a new and better singer for the band. That was 20 years ago soÖ

Suiciderock: Thatís quite a bit of time. Would you say that you are a real Fin now?
Eduardo: Iím a quite critical person. Iím said to be a difficult person and it is not easy to handle me. This all just because I try to be as professional as you can be. That takes a lot from yourself. Iím a perfectionist, when I do something I try to get 100 % out of it. Sometimes I still feel like an outsider of this Finnish society. But this comes a long with my profession. Sometimes the people here donít understand that you are a human being even if you are a Rock`n Roller. But Iím very capable of doing other things than that as well if I want to. Rock`n Roll is a very important part of my life but it is not what life is all about.

Suiciderock: If we are talking about perfectionism, are you satisfied with what you achieved during your career?
Eduardo: Of course Iím satisfied with my life, Iím satisfied with the music I make and Iím very proud and happy about what I achieved musical wise. It is a magical thing. We have a lot of different cultural influences and we made it work. We also get to see that this works out not only for us but also for the people out there as they buy our records and come to our shows. That is a very good achievement for any musician on this planet.

Suiciderock: Many bands have this great expectations when they start their career. What about you? Did you dream about that kind of success?
No, I didnít have any kind of expectations when we began this. I just wanted to experience and play music at the very beginning. There is missing something, some spark if you look at the young bands nowadays. I mean Finland has a lot of excellent music schools and they really pay attention to musical education but there is something you canīt learn in this institutions at least in my opinion. I have met musicians from schools like that they were afraid that they are not good enough when they stood on stage. Even if they where one of the most talented people in this country. I havenít been a real musician when I started with the band. My main point was always the show aspect. Little by little I started how to sing. I didnít take any lessons but I just sang and sang and it got better after the years. Learning by doing. You learn anyway, the hard way or the difficult way but you do learn something.

Suiciderock: If you look back on this 20 years of your career how does it feel?
Once you are on the top all goes so fast. You just notice when all is over. I personally think that you are not able to enjoy this success or this time around because all rushes by so fast. You remember that you had a good time but during that time you hardly have the possibility to hold on and enjoy what you are living and experiencing at the very moment. This 20 years havenít been like walking on roses. You are paying the price for this kind of living. 

Suiciderock: You said that there are a lot of Bands out there who seem to play Rock`n Roll but most of them would forget to roll. What do you mean by that? 
Rock`n Roll is based a lot on image. You need that image because it helps you to sell all your stuff. But thatís not really what it is when it comes to us. When you come to see one of our shows you get to see what we really are and what we feel. For me music should be more than just an image, it is a physical thing and I experience it with all my body and soul.

Suiciderock: What would you say has changed when you compare the situation nowadays and back than when you started to the band?
Eduardo: This whole industry has totally changed letís say about ten years ago. Iím 43 years old now and I have been around for 20 years and so have the guys in our band. It is a tough business. The management and the whole record industry try to squeeze you dry and they are taking all of your energy, this goes so far until a band breaks up because they get so frustrated about all this and they are burning out. I got frustrated about that myself. Thatís why I said that Iím not gonna sell myself to this industry. I didnít want to sacrifice myself anymore. So we stopped  that and we had to organise ourselves again. We try to keep the dream alive. That is the most important thing. But we didnít want to make it for the sake of fame anymore. We are very happy if people come to see our shows and have a good time with us.

Suiciderock: So you can live without that hype very wellÖ
Eduardo: It makes me more than happy how life is right now. But I think that both sides are an extreme. If you want to last in the music business you have to compromise and you have to do that a lot all the time. I think as an artist you should also be part of the decisions around the band. Of course you cant take care of everything on your own and you need a manager or whoever to help you with that because you need time to concentrate on your own music as well but it is always good to know what is going on behind all this. But yes, Iím very happy with our current situation.

Suiciderock: Everybody is waiting for an new album of you guys. Are you working on that? Is there anything to expect in the near future?
Eduardo: Yeah, if all goes well than the new album will be ready and out one year from now. So you can start counting. I know that I have said that a couple of times when it comes to an new album but this time I really mean it. There is something to be expected from us for next year. 


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