Hamburg 2009

(c) Katja Ruge

"Dream up the world you want to live in"

Suiciderock: Give us a little bit of history about The Glam. How did the band get together?
Frederic: Well me and Julien we know each ohter from the music scene in Hamburg. Each of us was playing in different bands and one day I showed him all my new stuff and he was fascinated. Phil is a friend of a friend. He moved from Zurich to Hamburg to join the group. The chemistry was perfect and things went very quick. We sarted recording our first album ESCAPISM with Franz Plasa at Home Studios Hamburg. A nice place where such artists like Depeche Mode recorded before. It's all just one and a half year ago so everything's fresh and still full of dynamic.

Suiciderock: How did you come up with the band name? Are you really that glamours?
Frederic: We tried to find a name and nothing was perfect. So a friend suggested if we want to be glam lets call the band THE GLAM. Brilliant, more or less. It's not the 70s glam revival thing we have in mind. We want to transform the glam thing into now. Lifestyle and a decent haircut. To be honest it's more about being yourself and live the life you want to live. Dream up the world you want to live in.

Suiciderock: What are your creative influences? Maybe you can take us through the band's song writing process.
Frederic: Definitely the 80s arena rock bands like U2, Depeche Mode and The Cure. At the moment we're listening to lots of older records, for example Bob Dylan, Bowie and Beatles. I love classic songwriters like John Lennon and David Bowie.

Suiciderock: How would you describe your music to someone that is not familiar with it? You call your sound “Widescreen Electric Guitars”. Maybe you can explain that briefly?
Frederic: Yeah widescreen is a nice word. The whole range of colors and emotions should be in a good song and that's exactly what we try to achieve. You know you can be sad but also full of joy, you can be in love or depressiv, all these different moods. We love BIGNESS and a massive wall of sound. Viva Phil Spector!

Suiciderock: How did you get your music career started?
Frederic: We're sourrounded by the right people. There's our management and record company who help us to get things started. You also need a good booking agency. But the most important thing is to do as much as you can by yourself. For example we're more or less living in MySpace to enlarge our fan community and it works! It's a fantastic tool to get in touch with people and to create attention.

Suiciderock: What made you become a musician?
Frederic: Oh I was 12 and the guitar player of my brothers band gave me his old guitar. Later he taught me how to play and from that moment on I had found my speech. Since then I made music on every single day. I can't live without being artist. It's a privileg to be musician and I'm really thankful for it. Feels a bit like I'm blessed. Making music is to get in touch with the spirit.

Suiciderock: One word to describe yourself and one word for each of your mates in the band?
Frederic: Creativ, loyal and quiet.

Suiciderock: You will play some shows here in Germany, in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. But you mentioned that you will tour in Germany and it`s neighbour countries as well. Any fix dates yet?
Frederic: The tour will be announced next week and we will play 12 shows in Germany and then move to France and Spain.

Suiciderock: What expects people during your shows?
Frederic: Expect the unexpected! We're working on video installlations so hopefully it will become something very special. A whole concept of art and energy. We want people to get crazy, to have fun but also to cry and be stirred.

Suiciderock: On your Myspace Profile you said that you will release a single, named “Walking Ghost”. Can you tell us something about the song itself?
Frederic: It's a moody and dark song inspired by a night in Soho/London. There was this beautiful girl on the street and as we came nearer we saw that she was totally broken because of drugs. So she was still walking but already dead like a Walking Ghost. Walking ghost phase is also called the week when radiated people feel better but there's no chance to get cured. The sound reminds a bit of The Cure in space. It's huge and massive, intense and emotional. A highlight of every show so don't miss it. We made a really impressing video to this song and director Marcus Sternberg gently calls it his Dark Fairtale. Watch out for it 'cause it's amazing. Never seen something like this before in a video.

Suiciderock: Let`s continue talking about releases. Your debut album  “Escapism” will come out in march. Please be that nice an tell us something about the recordings and the tracks on “Escapism”.
Frederic: The recordings took several months and it was a very inspired but also hard process. It was a journey into the unknown and now the result is pure atmosphere and a huge sound. We're really proud of our baby and nervous how people will react when they can listen to it. It's pop with balls for the new millenium. There are rock tracks like This week at war or Join the spectres on it but also emotional songs like Walking ghost and Flaming splendour. As mentioned before we were looking for the whole range of emotions and sounds and that's what the album sounds like: an emotional voyage, a great escape. ESCAPISM!

Suiciderock: Famous last words?
Frederic: We don't want anything we do not deserve. We put heart and soul into this record so listen to it and make a choice: Love it or hate it.

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