Tampere 2008

Gloriana Severdija

"Somebody Save The Music"

Suiciderock: The Scanditones were found back in 2003 could you tell us some main facts about the band?
Tuomas: We are friends since a long time.
Teemu: That`s true we were all born in the same neighborhood. I guess it was back in 1996 when Antti, Tuomas and me started to play in a band, called The Glad Genitals. We know each other since 10 years now. First we played some Finish punk rock, that was in 2003.We didn`t want to do that anymore so Tuomas started to make some English lyrics for the songs and that was kind of the beginning of The Scanditones.
Tuomas: Yeah, it was a fresh, a new start for as as a band.
Teemu: We created another band but the bandmembers remained the same.

Suiciderock: The music industry easily tends to put bands musicalwise into a certain corner. How would you describe your music style to someone who had never listened to it before?
Tuomas: I would say it is melodic poprock. It`s pretty hard to describe it.
Teemu: I think this is the basic question that every musician hates. It`s not easy to put yourself into a certain category. It`s pretty difficult. Our band has been compared to so many other bands.

Suiciderock: So what are your influences?
Tuomas: As our influences I would name David Bowie, The Beatles, Hanoi Rocks, Depeche Mode, our guitarplayer loves Slayer… We have a quite different taste when it comes to music.

Suiciderock: Who`s responsible for the songwriting?
Teemu: Tuomas takes the role of the songwriter. We arrange them later on and give them some sense. I think the best thing of our band is that everybody likes different music styles as Tuomas already said before.
Tuomas: Yep, everybody brings in his ideas when it comes to the songwriting process.

Suiciderock: How would you describe the character of each of your band members by using one word?
Tuomas: One word only? That`s too much *smiles*. I would describe the whole band as “friends”.

Suiciderock: Your last release was the “One Day More” – Single? I heard that you were planning to release an album as well. Any concrete plans for that?
Tuomas: We have recorded some songs and we want to find a bigger label that will release the songs. I guess I will send out the demos still this month. Than we`ll have to wait and see what comes out of this.
Teemu: All the material has been recorded already and we have a couple of promotion songs which people can also hear on our MySpace Profile.
Petri: Our publishing company is very small so we try to find a bigger one. Our main goal is to release our songs in Europe. We probably have done more gigs in Germany than here in Finland. I don`t know why.

Suiciderock: How it feel to play over there?
Teemu: It`s been really great. People liked us. We will go back there by the end of the year for maybe one or two gigs.

Suiciderock: You`ve played your own tour in Germany back in 2005, the “Save the music tour”. Will you come back to play there and what was that tour like for you? You`ve played a lot in Berlin. Will you play in other parts of Germany as well?
Teemu: Of course, we will also play in other parts of the country.
Tuomas: It`s easier for us to get gigs in and around Berlin as our manager lives in Berlin.
Teemu: There are a couple of good venues in Berlin and of course, we like Berlin as a city also. People laughed at us when we told them that we`ll go to Germany to play only one show but we were so much looking forward to do that show. It was like a holiday trip for us.
Tuomas: We really hope that we get some single or an album out there.

Suiciderock: Any Souvenirs you took with you from Germany?
Teemu: I once bought an embleme with “Berlin” written on it. I bought it from a fleemarket in Berlin. I guess it was during our first visit there.
Tuomas: I bought a bag which I have here with me today. I bought it also in Berlin, it was in Kreuzberg.

Suiciderock: Of course, The Scanditones can be found on MySpace as well. How do you see the role of the whole MySpace thing, how important is it for young bands?
Petri: It is very important in my opinion.
Tuomas: It gets the people to know you and it brings them closer to the music.
Petri: You can reach the people very easily. People all over the world can get an impression of our songs.
Tuomas: There was some guy from Switzerland who asked me if it would be possible to come to play there but unfortunately we can`t manage that yet.
Teemu: In my opinion MySpace is much more important than websites because if you hear something about some band you can find out about them on their MySpace first.
Tuomas: It is easy to handle. The layout is really simple and so you don`t get confused or stressed while using it. That`s very positive about MySpace. You don`t have to search for something very long.
Teemu: You get the first impression immediately because sometimes the websites are too messy, too confusing and it takes you too long to get the information you need.

Suiciderock: One of those songs is called “Pornstar”. It`s quite obvious what the song is about but how did the idea come up for that song? Is there a special story behind the lyrics?
Tuomas: There is a story behind the song. The title may sound like the song would be about sex and whatever but the actual meaning of the song is to encourage people to do whatever they want to do. For example if you want to become a painter you should do everything to make this possible, if you want to be a pilot than you have to try to become one. Whatever it is, you should try it. Even if you want to be a pornstar, it`s ok. The song is not about porn at all.
Teemu: The song is presented with a lot of humor and a twinkle in the eye. We were influenced by The Beatles very much when we recorded “Pornstar”. It was nice to make that song `cause at least I`m a big fan of The Beatles.

Suiciderock: The song was written a while ago. It took 8 years till “Pornstar” made it into your set. Why did it take that long?
Tuomas: The song was made in 1999 already. It just didn`t fit into our reportaire back than.
Teemu: We were playing more Rocksongs, so “Pornstar” was too different comparing to them. We didn`t have so many sentimental stuff or let`s say we didn`t have so many slow songs.
Tuomas: I like it to make different styles. If it sounds good it matches for us. It would be boring to do the same all the time.
Petri: I think that it is our advantage that we have some very fast Rocksongs but on the other hand we have this slower kinds of songs, too.

Suiciderock: All of you have kind of “normal day jobs” how can you handle this?
Teemu: If Antti would be here, he would say that if we wouldn`t have that band we wouldn`t know what to do because besides our “normal jobs” this is very important for us.

Suiciderock: Is it hard to find the balance between your 9 to 5 jobs and your bandlife?
Teemu: No it is not, as I said music always comes first, at least for me. Tuomas is studying philosophy so it is also very easy to handle for him. We manage that quite well.

Suiciderock: Do you miss your day job on the other hand from time to time?
Teemu: Well, if you always play you also need that from time to time that`s right. All of us have different projects going on besides The Scanditiones. So it feels nice to do something else from time to time. But this projects are totally different. We have lots of coverprojects going on and that`s always something else than playing your own songs. Actually you could get used to that. *smiles*
Petri: Playing the coversongs is like work but playing your own songs is more fun.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band?
Tuomas: I want to make music for the rest of my life. I told my friends some days ago that I will still make music when I`m 80 years old, maybe I do some acoustic gigs than…
Teemu: At least we`ll play in some dancecafes or something, traditional Finish folkmusic. *smiles*


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