Berlin 2008

"Honey & Lime"

Suiciderock: Please introduce your band to everybody out there who does not know about your band.
Pablo: Sure. We are The Winyls from Finland, we all come from Helsinki and this is actually our second time here in Berlin. We have been here back in 2006 at the Popkomm. We are really exited to be back in Berlin and to play the show tonight.

Suiciderock: How would you describe each of your bandmates by using one word?
Pablo: Oh cool, I start with James, I would say he is an "artist", yeah he is an typical artist, he is the second Jimmy Page. Next on the list is Leady Winyl, I would say that he is a "true rocker", H C Andersson is a "good friend".

Suiciderock: The music industry always loves to put band into certain stlye corners. Where is your plays?
H C Andersson: I think it is a music mix of all the great bands from the 60`s and 70`s. You can also find the late 90`s in our style.
James: It`s roots-orientated rock`n roll after all.
Pablo: Yeah, that`s true it`s about pretty honest feelings and attitude.

Suiciderock: Your own musical heroes are?
Pablo: Here are so many to mentoin. My personall heroes are Dave Grohl, Let Zeppelin, Metallica and many bands from the 60´s and 70´s.
James: Yep, I have also many many idols. For example The Beatles, and also lots of stuff from the 60´s, among ohters I can count Oasis to my idols, there are so many great bands. Ah I almost forgot to mentoin there is one great band, called Jet from Australia which I like pretty much.
Sheriff: As you can see there are so many different influences when it comes to our music.

Suiciderock: Who takes the repsonsibility for your bandname?
James: That`s easy to answer. Me and Leady had this conversation and suddenly he told me that he has the feeling that our band will be called "The Winyls". I asked him why the hell should we name our band like that?
Leady: My answer was so simple: I told James that my name is Leady Winyl and that would fit perfectly to us.

Suiciderock: What made you become a musician?
Sheriff: I just love doing interviews like this: *smiles*. I mean it`s not for the money. I haven`t seen any money yet. *smiles*
Pablo: Playing in this band means to me that I`m able to express myself. That is very important for me.
James: I grew up surounded by musi. It has been a part of my life since ever.

Suiciderock: What was your first musical memory?
H C Andersson: I think I can remember. It was the Stevie Wondersong "I just call to say I love you".
Suiciderock: How old have you been than?
H C Andersson: I think I was three or four years old.
Sheriff: I can`t remember my first memory reffering to music but I remember the time when I started to get interested in Rock music. I was in the lower elementary school. I was about eleven years old and I started to listen to Kiss, I can even remember the song, it was "Tears are falling". That was when I decided to become a musician and I knew that I want to mess up with rockmusic.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your lifeshows?
Leady: Oh, they can expect a lot from our performance. You can expact anything.
Pablo: Well, they can expect at least a good show.
James: They`ll definatly enjoy thereselves.

Suiciderock: Any special tourstory?
James: We once burned a summer cottage down. It was quite funny in the night we had the party but it wasn`t that funny anymore when we woke up the next morning.
Leady: I should mentoin that it was just a accident.

Suiciderock: You perform at "Helsinki in Berlin" today. What is it like for you and what`s your opinion about the whole festival?
Sheriff: I think it is a very fresh idea, It is simply great to perform here tonight. Such opportunities are very important for us.

Suiciderock: How would you set up your own festival?
Sheriff: I think this would be the only festival we would be headlining. *smiles* We would invite some of our dearest friends to play there. We know some really cool and funny bands from Helsinki. The reason why we would ask our friends is that they are cheaper so we would save a lot of money that we could invest in drinks.
Pablo: It would be great to have a mixed line-up of our friends and some of our favourite bands.

Suiciderock: Are you planning to come back and play more shows in Germany?
Leady: Definatly.
Pablo: The tourschedule looks like this, we are playing a couple of shows in Finland during the summer and in fall we will be back in Europe.

Suiciderock: Your second record "Honey and Lime" was released some days ago in Finland. How would you describe the record?
Pablo: I would say that Honey and Lime is fresh. We produced the album on our own. We wanted to keep the whole record fresh. We didn`t want to make a conceptional album.
H C Andersson: I think the album covers everything from punk to disco.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for The Winyls?
Sheriff: I hope that we get more chances to play outside of Finland.
James: Let`s see how it turns out.

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