Booker, Promoter
Tampere 2008

(Photo by EXTRA LARGE MUSIC OY Official)

"I watch that everything goes nice & smoothly"

Suiciderock: The Himosfestival clerbrated it`s 10th anniversary this year. What was it like? 
Timo: The Festival was great. We had 36.000 attandees. Friday and saturday was sold out!

Suiciderock: The festival has gone bigger and more popular every year. Still, there is no plan to make Himosfestival any bigger. Why is it that important to you to keep it let`s call it a nice `n need festival?

Timo: We have no need to get any bigger than we are at the moment. It's good to be and try to keep the position which we have on the finnish festival map. On the other hand we don't have any bigger place in Himos where to keep the festival. 

Suiciderock: You have been the promoter of the Himosfestival. Could you tell us the main functions of your work? 
Timo: Well, first of all I book all the bands, I do festival timetables, I organize pre-ticket sales and so on...During the festival I watch that everything goes nice and smoothly.

Suiciderock: Was there any band you had wished to be there among all this great bands?
Timo: HIM is one of those. They've never played in HimosFestival.

Suiciderock: What makes the Himosfestival that special in your opinion?
Timo: Inside accommodation in cabins.

Suiciderock: Would you say that it is easy to organise / promote a festival in Finland? Especially when it`s a smaller one? 
Yes it is pretty easy and actually this year we were the biggest midsummer festival in Finland. That is nice.

Suiciderock: Any plans for the Himosfestival 2009 already? 

Timo: Yeah of course. We are planning next years festival as we speak.

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