Helsinki 2007

(Photo by M. Siro)

"Spontaneous Energy"

Suiciderock: Can you tell us something about the band and it`s members?
Tommi: United Underworld has existed since the summer of 1999. Since then we've gone through a lot of changes. The most popular member is our vocalist Ville, because he is well known from another band, called SubUrban Tribe and he also sang in Kyyria which was a very famous band from Finland. I`m Tommi, I play the guitar, Matti plays the drums, our bass player is named Ilu, we really made it through a lot of line-up changes in the past and since that we've been doing gigs around Finland.
Matti: Yeah and we`ve been touring in Norway last spring.
Tommi: That`s true we did a little tour in Southern Norway last spring.

Suiciderock: Can you describe what`s typical for the sound of United Underworld?
Tommi: You can find a lot of metal influences as well as a lot of rock `n roll influences in our style. We don`t refuse any kind of style. We are very open for everything that has to do with music. It is a great variety of styles. It`s energetic rock.

Suiciderock: Who takes the responsibility for the lyrics?
Tommi: It`s been a shared process. The songs come out in different ways. I've written most of the music and our vocalist has done some of the lyrics and has a lot to say about the final arrangements. Some time ago we had two singers, Ville and Maiha Maapallo. He wrote a song or two as well. But you could say that the vocalist and me are sharing this work now.

Suiciderock: What inspires you for the songwriting?
Tommi: Music in general. Everything we hear and of course everyday life. We just need to meet up for a jam session and then the flow of inspiration comes. Relationships are also a great inspiration, all this normal stuff that happens to you in life. I just write down whatever comes to my mind.

Suiciderock: What can people expect from your shows?
Matti: Lots of energy, a blast.
Tommi: Hopefully we can take the audience away into another world at least for one hour.
Matti: The last show was sold-out so…
Suiciderock: So it must have been good…
Matti: Yeah *smiles*
Suiciderock: Where did you play?
Matti: At Semifinal here in Helsinki, it`s like Tavastia's little sister. You know it?
Tommi: We did some gigs with Defuse. About the shows… we never do the same show twice. We always try to make every show a little bit different. We are not into playing cover songs, we play our own stuff. There's a lot of spontaneous energy.

Suiciderock: Who made up your band name?
Tommi: The bandname came about at the time when we had finished our first demo. The singer and I travelled to South East Asia and Thailand for three months and when we came back everything was fixed. We played with a lot of different names in the beginning. I guess I have to give the credit to our former guitar player Hyge. He actually invented the name together with the
other former guitar player Sami, who nowadays plays in a band called Blake. The idea comes from the comics out of the 60`s, from Batman actually.

Suiciderock: The new year is just a few days old. Did you happen to make any stupid new year`s resolutions for 2007?
Tommi: Oh I better think about this before I say something now.
Matti: Oh actually we did…
Tommi: Yes, we have to focus on our mission. Now we just try to gather more energy. There are lots of things waiting to be done.
Suiciderock: So these are your future plans?
Tommi: Absolutely. We finished the recordings of twelve songs last summer and we still have to find a label for it. It`s just a matter of arranging things. I just celebrated my birthday yesterday. I won`t tell you how old I`m now…
Suiciderock: Happy birthday.
Tommi: Oh thank you. Let`s say I just turned 17.

Suiciderock: Ok that`s it. Thank you very much.
Tommi and Matti: Thank you.

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