Helsinki 2010

(c) Anton Sucksdorff

"A Life of Vice"

Suiciderock: Tell us a bit about Vanity Beach, what should people know about the band?
Jonas: We are childhood friends actually. So we have known each other since a long time.
Pontus: When we  started out together we were just a bunch of friends. Things have changed now and so has also the line-up of the band. We met different musicians to join our band. Helsinki is a small city so it was not very difficult to find them.

Suiciderock: You describe your music-style as rock but u use synthesisers which makes you not one of this traditional  rock bands. You have been compared to bands like Dope Stars Inc or Nine Inch Nails. Would you agree?
Jonas: Well, I don`t know. We have drums, base, keyboards, guitars… so it would be stupid not to use all of this different instrument to create good music.
Pontus: I would say it is more rock than for example Nine Inch Nails.

Suiciderock: Your 10- track album “A Life of Vice” was released in May this year, what can you tell us about it? You worked with Johnny Lee Michaels here in Helsinkis Undergroundstudios?
Jonas: The album itself was a long project. It took a bit too long for our taste. It took us about nine month to have the album ready.

Suiciderock: The exact amount of time you need to have a baby…
Jonas: Yeah, right, like a baby. But it is a very bad baby. Or let`s say a baby with a very bad behaviour. Like the baby of Black Sabbath or something. Maybe Rosemaries Baby is a good description for it. That`s what it turned out to be. I guess right now the baby needs a beautiful sister. Let`s see what happens to that.

Suiciderock: What about the songs? What are they about?
Jonas: On “A life of Vice” we are treating basically stories about our own lives.

Suiciderock: Your line-up has changed since the band was found back in 2002. What happened and did  this changes effect your music and you as a band a lot?
Jonas: No, it has not effected our style that much. I would say that we are a lot better now. That counts for our life performances as well as for our studio recordings. We`ve done everything by ourselves. I think that we have improved as a band a lot within the years.

Suiciderock: Is the current line-up for good?
Jonas: If it gets boring we will change it.
Pontus: It`s like with girlfriends, you never know beforehand how everything will turn out. People can change for good or for bad. Like in every human releationship. So I think it is impossible to say if we are gonna keep this current line-up or if we will change it in the future. For now it is just perfect as it is.

Suiciderock: So are you a better live or studio band?
Jonas: We are both.
Suiciderock: That makes you the perfect band than?
Jonas: Yes, we are the perfect band ;)
Pontus: No really with the new musicians in our band we have completed our live set, which makes us a better studio band as well.

Suiciderock: The releaseparty for the album was held in the Tavastia Club. How was that? Did you have any special ideas for that?
Jonas: Yeah we had a great night. Lot`s of fun.
Pontus: We had a really good Finish band playing before our show.
Jonas: We enjoyed watching their show a lot. Tavastia was packed downstairs and the whole thing happened during a weekday so this was kind a cool.

Suiciderock: I read somewhere that you are planning to have your next album produced by CHRIS WRENNA who has played keyboards for Manson and Nine Inch Nails.  Any news on that? Why he?
Jonas: Yes, we would love to do that. It all depends on the money at the moment. And why he? Well, I would simply say that he is cool and that it would be great to work with him.
Pontus: Right now we are just writing songs and new material for the record and than we can talk about such decisions like for instance who is producing it and where and that kind of stuff.

Suiciderock: Do you have already new material ready?
Jonas: Yeah, we have a lot of new stuff. We have about 40 songs. So we could make a double album out of all the material.

Suiciderock: You supported Marilyn Manson at his gig in the Hartwall Areena. How did that come up and what was it like to open for Manson?
Pontus: That was a big thing for us as a band.

Suiciderock: How did the audience react? Did they treat you nice?
Jonas: No, no, the audience liked us actually.
Ponuts: Yeah, a lot better than we thought and expected. The whole thing was a lot nicer than we thought it would be. The Hartwall Areena here in Helsinki was almost sold out. It was great to play there.

Suiciderock: You also played a couple of gigs on the Jack Daniels Tour here in Finland. How did the Jack Daniels Tour go?
Pontus: The tour went very well. We got there quite simple. The organisers of the whole thing needed a band, they asked us and we were in.
Jonas: And the good thing was that we didn`t run out of Jack Daniels on that tour.
Pontus: It was strange as they gave us bottles before and after the show.

Suiciderock: And you still have some left?
Jonas: No, unfortunately not.
Pontus: Actually we are still waiting, cause they promised us to send us some boxes. But we still haven`t received any yet.
Jonas: I will send an email regarding that very soon. That would be a nice Christmas present. Wouldn`t it?

Suiciderock: That`s so true and leads us straight to the next question: Christmas is pretty close. How do you usually spent that time of the year and do you have all your presents already? 
Jonas: I got one yesterday but I don`t buy anything for anyone.
Pontus: I spent Christmas with my family. Pretty basic.
Jonas: Yeah so do I. We do the normal Christmas tradition stuff here in Finland.

Suiciderock: The tour was organised regarding the birthday of the whiskey. Do you know how old Jack Daniels got actually?
Pontus: Oh god, I can`t remember. I guess it was 1866 when all started. It`s something that they are planning now to do every year. They want to celebrate his birthday every September now.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for the band and for the upcoming new year?

Pontus: Definitely to play more shows in 2011, also outside of Finland: We have done Finland now this fall and now we are really willing and able to go on tour outside of Finland as well. We are planning to release our new album. Just have a good 2011 for the band. 


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