Helsinki 2012

(c) Velvet Six Official

"Your guide through a dark city night life"

Suiciderock: I couldn’t really find something about you guys on the net. There was no proper homepage or whatever. So I have to ask you the boring beginner thing to tell us a little bit about the band before we can start with the actual interview…
Olle: The band was started back in 2004, we rehearsed a while, brought an album out and here we are…
Suiciderock: That’s all you got to say?
Olle: That’s it, we are pretty simple. You know? I think this is the perfect combo to be with. Everybody in this band has a special skill. I mean we have the best drummer ever, the coolest guitar player,… what else do you need for a good band. We are super human I would say.

Suiciderock: Your current record “ Dark City Nightlife“ came out last year. Is there something more you can tell us related to that?
Olle: We got the offer to make a record and of course we took that chance. We got that record deal, we had some songs done and so we found ourselves in the studio to work on our first album. The title “Dark City Nightlife” also refers to that time as it shows our experiences while working on the record.

Suiciderock: So you partied a lot and that’s where you took your inspiration from?
Olle: That’s true. The parties and the confusion you wake up in the next morning. That was quite inspiring when it comes to the lyrics as you can hear.

Suiciderock: It is quite clear who your idols are, I would say 69 Eyes, Danzig… Who else?
Olle: Right, also The Doors, Rammstein, The Ark, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest,…
Matias: HIM, Moetly Crue, Iggy Pop, the list will be endless if we start counting the all now.

Suiciderock: Rammstein were here just a couple of days ago. Did you go to see the show?
Matias: Of course, I did. It was awesome.

Suiciderock: I read that you are already in the writing process when it comes to songs for the next record. How do you process there?
Olle: Both ways. But it was not that difficult. If you play good music and if you are a bunch of cool guys you manage. You have to start from the shit. The success is not gonna come in one or two or three years. You have to work hard and than you will get what you deserve. It usually don’t last when you rise fast as you fall fast afterwards as well. We are still at the beginning of it all.
Matias: The deal with Life Nation was surely a cool thing for us. It was love at first sight I think.
Olle: We played at Semifinal which is a club in the basement of the famous Tavastia Club. Luckily Tiina Vuorinen was there to see the gig.

Suiciderock: Talking about playing… you have played some gigs last year all around Finland. Will there be a tour in 2012 or what’s on the schedule?
Olle: Hopefully and hopefully there will be some gigs outside of Finland as well. We don’t know yet. It would be nice to play some festivals. But for the moment we just write the music and we go with the flow.

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