Tampere 2007

"Gently Collission"

Suiciderock: Can you tell us the most important facts about your band?
Billy: It`s a four-piece band and it`s a great band of course. *smiles*. No, actually it was about ten years ago when we met the first time. We realised that we get a long quite well and we also realised that once we put up a band it`s gonna be a pretty big thing. *smiles*.
Brutus: I think we are already bigger than Madonna, I mean visibly we are much bigger than Madonna.
Billy: By the way I ate at a restaurant were Madonnas old chef was cooking. Now I know why she is that thin.

Suiciderock: So he must have been a bad cook than?
Billy: Oh yeah he is! It was awfull! You don`t want to eat dug breasts when they are made by Madonna`s chef.
Suiciderock: I suppose that the meal was quite expensive?
Billy: No, not really, It was 60 Euro with wine for two persons. But how did this discussion come up? Let`s get back to the serious things. *laughs*.
Brutus: Yeah, let`s get back to the basics.
Billy: So it was about then years ago when we realised that we have to put up a band and finally two years ago we found Vulture Club. I play the guitar, Brutus is responsible for the vocals and we have our drummer. After a while we thought that we need a bassplayer for our project and somehow we got Tom. How did we get Tom into this?
Brutus: Oh there was this guy who owned a bass…
Billy: Yeah, so I simply had to call him and I asked him if he has a band at the moment. I told him about the idea and what we`re planning to play. He was not so sure and so we invited him to our rehearsals and everything kicked there. Should there be any more important parts about the bands that you want to know please ask. Oh I forgot to add that we are recording our album at the moment.

Suiciderock: Ah, that fits perfect to the next question. In 2006 you recorded six songs…
Billy: Yeah actually we recorded five promo songs.
Suiciderock: So you are working on new material at the moment?
Billy: We have recorded 15 songs. An unnamed label is interested in publishing them. But at least we know for sure that it`s coming out because we already got some good feedback. If nobody should be interested in us we gonna have to publish the material by ourselves. Your turn *points to Brutus*.
Brutus: My turn… Of course the record is still a raw mix, the backing vocals are still missing. It sounds good. It still needs lots of improvement but there is a lot of potential in it right now.

Suiciderock: Will it sound similar to the songs you`ve already recorded?
Billy: It will sound a bit more raw I think. We have done lots of gigs together as a band. So it was quite easy for us. We recorded the 15 songs within five hours. I mean the basic stuff like the drums, bassparts and the guitarparts.

Suiciderock: When will it be out?
Billy: Let`s say in 2007. I hope we can release it as soon as possible. Maybe before Christmas.
Suiciderock: So it will be kind of a christmaspresent for your fans?
Billy: *smiles* Yes, it will be. We plan a big Christmas present for all the people around the globe.
Brutus: Ugly presents for ugly holidays.
Suiciderock: If you had to describe each of your bandmates by using one word. Which word would you take?
Billy: *points to Brutus* He is a “cutie pie”.
Brutus: F*** off!
Billy: This are two words!
Brutus: I would say Billy is a “white chocolate muffin”. What about Tom? Tom is “The Man” and Sam?
Billy: “The Girl”? No, he isn`t. I think he is a “Maroon”. He is the only one ofus who knows a lot about jail. But that`s pretty cool we have “cutie pie”, “muffin”, “maroon” and “The Man”, that`s great.

Suiciderock: I read that some people describe your music as…
Billy: Oh we just play Rock `n Roll, spiced with upright bass and his vocals.
Brutus: It`s just a mixture of four people doing great music. I would say it`s a product of “gently collision”.
Billy: We are into different tastes when it comes to music. I listen to Rock`n Roll, Psycho Billy, Swing and stuff like that. Tom shares that with me but our drummer Sam and Brutus are more into weird stuff.
Brutus: I`m interested in all sorts of music. Billy has kind of as strict limit when it comes to music but I`m open for everything.
Billy: I guess he is the only one of us who can listen to Tool albums without falling into deep depression.

Suiciderock: People can listen to your songs on your myspace profile. What`s the story behind the songs?
Brutus: The story behind the songs is the ugly world we are living in.

Suiciderock: How do you compose a song?
Billy: The way we compose a song is a slow process. Usually I come up with a line or a whole verse and we just start to play it even if we don`t have a chorus for the songs. If it should end up as a song we realise that pretty soon because if it just doesn`t go well during the rehearsals it will die. Maybe we get back to the idea later on but we basically haven`t done that in the past. Maybe that`s also one of the reasons why we have composed only 15 songs within two years. *laughs* Of course the lyrics are a important part because they change the way we play but the lyrics still come at the end of the whole process. The idea comes first.

Suiciderock: Who is responsible for the lyrics?
Billy: Mainly Brutus.

Suiciderock: Any heroes to mention?
Billy: Lemmy from Motörhead and some guitarheroes. I can`t play even close to them but I don`t care, I just play.
Brutus: I got most influences from Tom Waits, Nick Caive, Biafra, as you can see they have nothing to do with Billy stuff.

Suiciderock: You`ll play two shows here in Finland. What is a typical life show like?
Billy: Of course we try to do our best on stage, we try not to drink that much before a show. We just hope that everything will turn out in a great way. We don`t rehearse that much but on stage things are just happening.
Brutus: I try to be as interactive as I can when I`m on stage with the audience. I starr into their eyes. We eat people alive…

Suiciderock: Any funny stories to tell?
Billy: Hm… Some things went wrong, once some monitors didn`t work, we haven`t fucked up anything. Our car never broke down. Yeah, war are borring. We even haven`t been too drunk to play, no puking, no passing out…
Brutus: We have to change that. Maybe at the next gig.
Billy: We just have to make shure that our drummer drinks enough. No, honestly he is amazing. He can play so bloody well even if he is totally wasted.
Brutus: Yeah, he can`t walk but he can play.

Suiciderock: So he needs to return to jail…
Billy: That happened during the recordings with his other band in Imatra. He didn`t know what has happened but when he woke up he saw no studio and he was wondering about the bad smell.

Suiciderock: Are there some more shows coming up?
Billy: Actually we didn`t even try to contact any festivals at the moment as we didn`t have that much to send to all the festivals. Surely we had the promo stuff but we thought we should release the album first and than we can concentrate on the other stuff.
Brutus: I think we don`t have such a big name to write to the festivals and that we would bring in so many people .
Billy: I think that psycho billy is still sort of a small style so not that many people know about it and us.
Brutus: Yeah, it is under the cover of undercover.
Billy: I have all the contacts to the festivals here in Finland but I sort of felt that it is not our turn yet to ask them.

Suiciderock: You can be heard of the compilation cd of a Spanish label. How did that happen?
Billy: Oh that was pretty simple. They contacted us and asked for a song and if we would like to have it on the compilation. So I answered him “Ok”.

Suiciderock: What about playing in Spain?
Billy: Well, we`d love to do a tour over there. But that also has to wait till the album is released. Than everything will be a lot more easier.

Suiciderock: Your future plans?
Billy: Performing, releasing the album and having a great time.