Helsinki 2011

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"The weirder probably the better"

Suiciderock: First of all welcome to cold Helsinki. Itís not your first time here?
No, it is not. Well, it is my first time as Wednesday 13 here in Helsinki. If I remember right now the last time I was here was back in 2003 when we opened for Iron Maiden with the Murderdolls. But as I said this is my very first time to perform as Wednesday 13. I have been trying to get a gig in Scandinavia since a very long time but there was always something that came between this wish. On our last UK Tour I told my booking agent that I definitely want to do some shows over here this time and Iím very exited about whatís going to happen tonight. I was surprised when we played in Sweden last night. The crowd wasnít that big but everyone seemed to know the lyrics pretty well. That was pretty cool to see. Iím super exited about this gigs and todayís show is a good way to end this part of our tour.

Suiciderock: Did you manage to go for a little sightseeing tour or did you just rush in to do the show?
Unfortunately not. We got in last night and it was snowing. We didnít know where to go so we decided to stay on the bus. We had to realise that our heater on the bus was broken when we woke up the next morning. Kind a nice surprise. Isnít it? Well, but thatís how it goes when Iím on tour. I donít have the time to see a lot of things from the town we are playing in. Just because our schedules are so tight. Itís basically always the same, we wake up, do the sound check, than a couple of interviews follow before we get dressed for our show. Of course there are off days when we could do this but today was one of this tight days.

Suiciderock: Since last month youíve got a new album out, itís titled ďCalling All CorpsesĒ and it contains 13 songs. What can you tell us about the album in general?
ďCalling All CorpsesĒ is my meanwhile 4th album as Wednesday 13. I had a couple of projects going on since my last album but now it felt like it is really time to come up with something new for Wednesday 13. I just had to recharge the batteries in between. It was simple and it was a lot of fun to work on the record. In my opinion it is kind of a presentation of all the stuff I have done so far. I wanted it to be a life record as well as I really wanted to bring the feeling to the album. I really like touring a lot and it wouldnít make any sense to bring an album out that works pretty well in the studio but that doesnít work with the audience at all. There are certain things on my previous records which will never work out when you play the songs life on stage. So this time I thought more about how the different things would work with the audience. Thatís why the record has bigger choruses and all. I would say, it is a fine and simple Rock record.

Suiciderock: You are a very busy man. You have many different projects going on. Youíve already mentioned the Murder Dolls yourselfÖ How do you combine all this?
Well, you have to know that I do only one thing at a time so it is not that much. I know that it seems to be a lot when you look at my history. But it does not feel so busy for me. Iím on tour as Wednesday 13 now but when I tour with the Murder Dolls for example I concentrate on that only. I donít do my Gunfire Semi Six project that much any more. Than I have my Bourbon Crew Project but that is an recording project. We have done few shows in America with that project but this is it. I canít tackle three or four things at the same time because I think it hurts the project. Iím doing Wednesday 13 for the whole next year and nothing else besides that.

Suiciderock: ďCalling All CorpsesĒ has been mastered by Tom Baker who has previously worked with Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie or Marilyn Manson just to name a few. What was it like to work with him?
Tom is a great guy but we havenít really met him in person. He never came to the studio or whatever. We just sent him the stuff and he mastered it at his own studio. He did a really great job though. He made it sound pretty good. When it comes to the recording of the album Iíve done pretty much everything by myself. Iíve worked with all different kind of producers during the years but we have a different budget when it comes to Wednesday 13 compared to the budget we have for the Murder Dolls.

Suiciderock. It is quite obvious where you take your inspiration from. Where does this huge interest in all those creepy horror stuff come from?
Iíve always been interested in this kind of things. It started already when I was a little kid. I liked JI Jo and Dracula pretty much back than. I basically lived in front of the television where I got all my imagination and everything from. TV and movies was my life back than. When I started to play music I started to wonder what I should sing about. It didnít take long until it became clear that it is the best for me to sing about this kind of stuff as it was the best I knew about.

Suiciderock: But on the new record there arenít only this kind of Horror Movie inspiration songsÖ Right?
Thatís right. You know I grew older during the years and I spent more time on tour than in front of the TV so it was time to write about different stuff as well this time. If you read the track list of the album you might get the impression that ďCalling All CorpsesĒ is just a typical Wednesday 13 album with all the obvious source of inspiration but itís not. If you take the song ďLondon After MidnightĒ for example you have to know that it is the title of an old horror movie but in that case it tells the story about us, the band having a great party in London after one of our shows. I kind of found a way to write my songs in the way Iíve always did but to tell different stories as well. However it still got to be Wednesday 13. At this record all happened so natural that I knew I was doing the right thing.

Suiciderock: Youíve been on Tour for a while now. Your ďSomething Wicked Comes This WayĒ Tour started last month and you have already played all over the UK and Germany. What has it been like so far?
Itís been great. It started at the End of October or the Beginning of November. This was at least the time when I left home. We had a blast so far.

Suiciderock: You have also played some shows together with Michael Monroe and Crash Diet. What was it like to tour with those two bands?
This was great. It was awesome to have the chance to play with Michael Monroe. Iím a huge Hanoi Rocks fan. Wednesday 13 played at Hanoi Rocks farewell shows in Japan. I never thought that I will see this guy again after that. Some years later I found myself watching my favourite band or singer every night. I watched their entire every night. We did a co headlining tour with the Michael and the band. I had to get dressed super early every night so I donít miss it. You know there where all my favourite musicians in the same band. You had Sami, Dregen, Michael. It was great. I grew up with those guys in a way.

Suiciderock: Today is your last show of the Scandinavian part of your Tour but that doesnít mean that you will rest afterwards. Your calendar is already filled for the beginning of next year as you will spend almost the entire January with touring through the US continuing with some shows at the Sound Wave festival. How do you prepare for that?
Haha, thatís a good one. Nothing special. I just like being on tour thatís the best preparation you can have in my opinion. After this show itís time for us to return to our homes than comes Christmas which I will spend with my family. I just relax for a couple of weeks and than our tour starts again in January. One or two weeks of between some parts of the tour are enough for me to recharge my batteries for the next round. Itís always the same when Iím on tour I sometimes get sick of it all, of my stinking cloth, of the bad food they serve, sleeping on the bus and whatever. But as soon as I get back home Iím dying to get back on tour again. Itís my kind of love hate relationship. Iím very happy that I have been able to do this for such a long time now.

Suiciderock: You also have written a comic book some while ago. What about that?
Well, it was at the End of 2003 when we had just finished touring with the Murderdolls and after that we got some time of. I could write music during this time but somehow this got boring so I started with the drawing. My daughter was five years old at that time and she loved all the monsters and the Adams Family. I kind of wrote a cool book that was inspired by her. When the book was ready I couldnít find anyone who wanted to publish the book the way I wanted it to be published. Than I made the decision if it isnít possible to publish it the way I like it better wonít be published at all. So that book stayed back at my home and I decided that it is better for me to continue with doing music instead of painting comic figures. Who knows it might come out somedayÖ

Suiciderock: Christmas is very close. How do you actually spend this time of the year?
Itís different these days. You know that I live in California since two years now. Before that I lived my entire life in North Carolina. I come from a small town there. Normally it is just me, going back home and hang out with my parents. Nothing crazy, we just open presents, spend some time together. This year it is different, Iím not going to my parents house, I just stay home, sleep in. Itís my very own Christmas present to myself. Just relax.

Suiciderock: Do you have all your presents already or are you one of this last minute shoppers?
I have not a single one yet. Over the years I have realised how much money I spend on people I donít even see. I donít buy any presents for the guys in my band so why should I buy something for my cousin I havenít seen in ages for example. I loved it when I was a kid or when my kid was still small. I could relive my childhood with her but than when my daughter got older she started to hate Christmas.

Suiciderock: What could be the most stupid present you could get from anyone out there?
Ah, that`s not easy. Actually there is nothing so strange you could give me as a present. I got a really cool gift on this tour. Someone brought me a silver bullet necklace, and another one through me a Dracula mug on stage. It was originally from Romania. I like strange things like that. You must know that you can find all the stuff from my childhood, like horror posters or whatever in my apartment in Hollywood. I have everything there from all the movies I grew up with. The weirder probably the better when it comes to the presents.

Suiciderock: Your future plans?
As you said, we will stay on tour for a couple of month. We have already talked about some gigs for Hallooween. I want to make a new record. All my favourite bands like Alice Cooper and Kiss brought out their records in a two years period and all their songs where classics. I want to keep it that way, too. There is no reason why I should wait five more years to come up with a new record.


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