Tampere 2008

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"We are Musicians, no fortune tellers"

Suiciderock: Almost two years passed by since our last interview. A lot has happened since than. Let`s start slowly to cover all the news step by step. Your 13 tracks debut album “Yesterday`s News” was released last August. How did it feel to hold the first album in your hands?
Vince: I couldn`t believe it.
Sammye: It was still warm when I got it into my hands for the very first time it just had come out of the printer. *smiles*
Vince: It felt really good when the album was done as we had a lot of trouble while working on it. It was kind of releaving when we finally held “Yesterday`s News” in our hands because this was the moment when we knew that noone`s gonna stop us anymore!
Anthon: You can hear all the troubles we`ve been through when you listen to “Yesterday`s News”, I would say it is a classic Rock`n Roll album. We are very proud of it.

Suiciderock: You had a lot of guest musicians joining the recordings. Hanoi Rocks Michael Monroe for example supported you on “Swimsuit Issue Centerfold”. How did this collaboration come up?
Anthon: Michael was knocking on our door and kept on beggin to become a part of the album. *jokes* No, just kidding. We were at the Seawulfstudios to record “Yesterdays News” at the same time as Hanoi Rocks had been in this studio and one day Michael just came in and tried something on the microphone. So now we have him on “Swimsuit Issue Centerfold”. He played some harmonica in the song.
Vince: Everybody is welcome to be our guestmusician as long as it has some kind of purpose for the album. It has to match with the thing that we are doing. We haven`t even decided what we will do for the album we are recording right now. Anything is possible with White Flame.
Anthon: Maybe we should try some R`n B. Let`s see what happens.
Vince: Yeah, maybe we should ask Timberland to show up with something for the next album.

Suiciderock: You released two singles, “Kill the radio” and “Hour of Emptiness”. I heard that you had some problems with the clip for “Kill the radio”. MTV ment that the video is not suitable for day-time airing. Therefore they put a ban on the video, not allowing it to be shown before 21:00. What was the story behind that?
Anthon: We used too rough words in the opinion of MTV. They didn`t like words like “Playlist” and “radio”…
Vince: I think the problem was that we were critizising radiostations and their playlists which is actually quite common at the moment. Maybe they just didn`t get the joke. I don`t know. It wasn`t that bad for us. We got a lot of publicity out of that thing. It happens to a lot of bands that the stations won`t play their songs before 9pm. It was a lot of fun for us.
Anthon: It`s a little bit funny indeed `cause you can see all those soft-porn movies earlier in the evening. But if we use words like “playlist full of shit” we got difficulties. But we can life with that.

Suiciderock: At the moment you are working on your second album and the project name for the recordings is “Can`t please everyone”. What expects people when the record is done? Will it be similar to “Yesterday`s News” or will it be totally different?
Anthon: It won`t be totally different from “Yesterdays News”; there will be some new sounds, some more heavy riffs, a little bit of funk.
Vince: We don`t want to invent something totally new, we are still White Flame but we didn`t want to make another “Yesterdays News” album. This is already done so now we have a bunch of new ideas and tunes which will definately hit your ears. We are still messing around with them at the moment and let`s see where this stuff will take us. At the moment we are working on 16 tracks, we haven`t decided yet which ones we will cut off and which ones going to make it to the record in the end. So we actually don`t know with what kind of album we will end up at the end of the day.
Sammye: We still steal from the same people. *smiles*
Vince: Yeah, the only difference is that we are stealing from our own record as well. Everything has been invented already so we have to take the ideas from somewhere.

Suiciderock: Can you already reveal some new songtitles?
Vince: We have one song called “Dancing with her sister” for example, hopefully this is going to be on the record. Than we have a track called “The Ground”. It is really hard to say which songs will make it to the album . At the moment it depends on our daily mood.

Suiciderock: What was your time in the studio like so far?
Anthon: The first days we were partying a lot.
Vince: We recorded the drums again in the Seawulfstudios.
Jony: Which means that I had to work hard and the other guys were having a great time and kept on partying.
Vince: Well, we could have used the playstation but the games sucked so we went to “Alko”, which is the store were we buy our booze from here in Finland.
Sammye: We managed to work really hard for 3 days but than we drank for about 6 days…
Vince: We decided to buy a small bottle of booze and sip a bit on it. But I guess we sipped a bit too much. 6 days later we finally went home to Tampere.
Anthon: The other recordings went pretty well in my opinion. We recorded the guitar and bass parts here in Tampere.

Suiciderock: Anthon made some new experiences while producing another Finish band called The Jade. What was it like for you to stand on the other side of the mixing desk?
Anthon: Yeah, it was pretty good, I sit down in a nice chair, smoked some cigarre and told them if it sucks or not. No, it was fun. They did a great song and I helped them to create the final sound for the song. I really think that they could open some doors with that single. Maybe I will work with them later on again.

Suiciderock: Would you do it again? Maybe for some other band?
Anthon: Well, why not if someone comes and asks me to produce his record or single or whatever. Why shouldn`t I say yes than? I like to produce and to record. I also did some stuff on “Yesterdays News” already.

Suiciderock: It seems that you have to hurry up with the recordings for the new album as you will join Lovex on their tour to Germany, Austria and Switzerland in October.
Vince: We will support them but they were kind enough to add us as “special guests” instead of an supporting act. I don`t know if that makes any difference, I mean we play and they headline. It`s cool because we know the guys and we`ve played some shows with them before. We have the same booking agency, they have played in Germany already and they also have a fanbase over there so it is nice that we don`t have to go there alone.

Suiciderock: So you are looking forward to that tour?
Vince: Yes, very much but we are also a bit scared, we have to play 6 shows in Germany and 2 more in Austria and Switzerland.
Anthon: It`s enough when everybody comes back alive.

Suiciderock: What are your expectations of that tour?
Vince: We hope that we can sell some albums as we will release “Yesterdays News” in Germany.
Sammye: We also hope that we get to buy some cheap Jägermeister.
Suiciderock: Before hitting the road with Lovex you will play at the “Rock Against Drugs” festival in Tampere. Do you think that drugabuse is a huge problem in Finland?
Anthon: I don`t know why they`ve asked us to play at this envet. *smiles*
Jony: Yes, I think it is also a big problem here in Finland.
Anthon: We also have this crimes going on here in Finland. It can happen to you that you walk somewhere on the streets and somebody offers you drugs, just like it happens anywhere, Finland is not an exception. That sucks!
Vince: I think the problems aren`t coming from the illegal stuff only. You can also easily get pills from the doctor and they can fuck up your head as well.

Suiciderock: While talking about life performances, you had a very special gig at some festival here in Finland were some guys in the audience caused a riot? What happened there?
Vince: I`m really not that kind of person who likes violence and stuff but this was cool. We played the whole set but during the second song, which was “Kill the radio”, than some guys thought it would be great to start a riot.
Anthon: It`s ok to me when people come on stage but there is so much expensive equipment like amplifiers and guitars and so on. We put a lot of money into this shit and if something goes broken nobody pays it.
Vince: It was kind of disturbing for us and our audience. We just tried to do our job and to have a good time. It`s a thing if you are invited to come on stage. The people came there to hear something, not to feal something or to get into a fight.

Suiciderock: The summer is about to end. Did you have any chances to go on holiday besides beeing bussy with the recordings and stuff?
Jony: I had one week off after recording the drums. But I didn`t go anywhere, I stayed here in Finland. I think I needed that.
Anthon: We all stayed here.

Suiciderock: Your future plans?
Vince: We want to make some more records, well not only making them but releasing them also. We hope to get a gold record…
Anthon: We hope that we can release the new album next year.
Vince: We don`t want to think too far, you never know what`s next. This is the last album which is included in our recordcontract. We don`t have any plans what comes after this.
Anthon: If we won`t find a record company we will be wiser or drunker. That depends.
Vince: I would like to make a “White Flame Musical”…
Sammye: I guess it was Jean Sibelius who said “I`m a musician, not a fortune teller”.


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