Tuska Open Air  Metal Festival / Helsinki 2011

(c) Wintersun Official

"You never know what´s going to happen"

Suiciderock: Finally people have the chance to see you life again. Where have you been? What have you been up to all the time?
Jari Mäenpää: You could say that I have basically spent all the time working on our new record. I was locked up in my home infront of the computer.

Suiciderock: How does it feel to be back? 
Jari Mäenpää: It`s great to be back. I missed it in a way. Not only the shows but also all around them, the preparing and all that stuff.

Suiciderock: It has been a while since your last album was released. “Wintersun” was released back in 2004 than it got quiet around you. But there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel as you are currently working on a new album. Can you reveal a bit about that?
Jari Mäenpää: That`s a tough one. I don`t know, it`s gonna be epic I think. An Epic record that will include songs with a big variety.

Suiciderock: I read that you producing, mixing and recording it yourself but that it is on a pause because you sort of missing the equipment. Why do you prefer to do it all by yourself instead of going to some studio?
Jari Mäenpää: Well, that`s because I basically have been a little unhappy with the making of the other records. When we recorded them at the studio and I didn`t have something to say in that progress.. I have concentrated on the recording technique for the past years, so that means I know now how to deal with that kind of stuff. I have recorded all our demo tapes before anyway. I think it`s easier to visualize my ideas when I`m recording it by myself instead of heading to some studio out there.

Suiciderock: The record already has a name, “Time” Will it be comparable to “Wintersun” or will there be some differences?
Jari Mäenpää: That`s simple. The name originates from the song. So as you see it really explains itself, I just thought that this would fit perfectly for our new record.

Suiciderock: And it`s definitely said to be released still this year?
Jari Mäenpää: Haha, I really hope so. You never know what`s going to happen…

Suiciderock: You will play some more festivals in Europe and when those are done you will be heading to join Finntroll and Turisas on their Heidenfest tour through Germany. How did that come up?
Jari Mäenpää: Our manager made the suggestion to go on that tour. It is nothing so big. Just two weekends, we will play there as sort of special guests.

Suiciderock: We are at the Tuska festival today? The good thing on a festival is that you get the chance to see many different bands. What bands are you longing to see during the festival?
Jari Mäenpää: Hm, At the Gates later on. Than Impaled Nazarene on Sunday… Yeah, I would say this are the “Must Haves” for me for this years Tuska.

Suiciderock: Your future plans for Wintersun?
Jari Mäenpää: Well. The first and most important thing is to bring the album out of course. Than hopefully we can do some festivals next year, that`s the plan so far.

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