Bloodpit competition ended today!

Bloodpit has renewed also their merchandise collection along with the band's line-up. You can now pre-order the band's new merchandise from BSA-Store, such as new t-shirts, shopping bags and badges. These products are also sold on the band's gigs.

We wanted to know what you would put into your Bloodpit shopping bag.
This is what we got:

Karen from Finland:

„glittery stickers!
tampons and a condom or two.
then come other necessities such as ipod, camera, phone, purse, countless pens that always get lost, waterbottle and notebook to write or draw doodles in, and my countless pieces of papers with grammar notes from my finnish course that tend to fall out of my notebook.
I'd also most likely stuff a can of lonkero or two in there on given occasions.”

Nadine from Germany:

“What I would pack into this beautiful bag would be:
Some of my guitar stuff (cables, picks, TAB-Books, new strings, etc.), so I'm
always perfectly prepaird for gigs!”

Congrats to the two girls. The shopping bags will be sent to you within the next days.