Suiciderock`s Christmas Competition

(c) TwiGz

Another year is coming to an end and before we can open the champagne bottles to great the new year it`s time to put some presents under the Christmas tree.
Same procedure as every year: time is running out, the shops are full of all the people who have exactly the same problem as you cause they just can`t find the suitable presents for their families and friends.
Christmas should be a cozy time where you eat lots of cookies and light up the candles at home but instead of enjoying this peaceful time you keep on running for the perfect Christmas gift.
Forget about all the stress, Suiciderock has the ultimate Christmas surprise for you!!!

All you have to do to call that very special surprise your own is to be creative and send us a Christmas card designed by yourself.
Send your X-mas card to, add your full name and address to your email and don`t forget to put “Merry Christmas” into the subject header.

The best part of the competition is that we will have 3 winners this time.

The best Christmas card will receive a Suiciderock Christmas surprise including lot`s of nice `n rocky items such as cd`s, merchandise articles, sweets and a lot more.

The 2nd prize will win a individual designed Calendar 2009 made by Suiciderock. The best is that this calendar will be made exclusively for you!!!
The winner of the second price can choose from all the artists we`ve interviewed who should be on the pictures of the Calendar.

The 3rd price receives a sweet Christmas gift from us.

As you can see it`s definitely worth taking part in our X-Mas Competition 2008!!!

Good luck to everyone and a nice `rockin pre-christmas time for all of you!