Suiciderock`s Event Tipp for March!!!
DNR & Negative at Sottotetto Club / Bologna, Italy on 17.03.2009

Suiciderock and DNR are proud to announce that the band will support the Finnish rockers Negative on their very first gig in Italy. So be there and make sure you don`t miss it!!!

You and a friend can get to know DNR before the show on 17.03.09 in Bologna at an exclusive Meet & Greet. All you had to do is to answer the following question:

Which Finnish act will be supported by DNR in Italy?
a) Sunrise Avenue
b) Negative
c) HIM

NEGATIVE is the correct answer!!!

And the winners are....

- Eleonora
- Sofie
- Elena
- Laura
- Silvia
- Rebecca
- Marinella
- Jennifer
- Natalia
- Viola

Finally the waiting has an end. Suiciderock is very happy to announce that 10 people who took part in our Meet&Greet Competition will get the chance to meet the guys of DNR before their gig on 17th of March in Bologna, Italy. Congratulations to all of you!!! Please make sure to read all this urgent information:
So everybody who won is invited to meet and greet the guys. All we need now is your confirmation if you are still willing and able to participate in the Meet&Greet and of course you need to be in Bologna that day.:)
If you come please let us now your contact details, your cell-phone number (please put the italian code infront of your phonenumber and make sure that you have your phone with you on the 17th of March) so that we can reach you on that day. Furthermore we need the FULL name of your friend who will join you to meet the band. As soon as your confirmation arrives we will send you all the necessary meet&greet details.
All the winners have been contacted via email already. Please let us know if you are coming by the end of this week ( Sunday, 08.march 2009).
For any further questions please feel free to contact us.
See you in Italy!!!

Additional Information / DNR Meet&Greet

First of all thank you very much to all the people who take part in the DNR competition. We got so many emails since the competition was announced.  
We were quite surprised but happy at the same time that so many people outside of Italy took part as well. To avoid any confusion we want to make clear that Suiciderock is only responsible for the Meet&Greet itself. The tickets for the show as well as the travel expenses have to be paid by yourself.

Furthermore you won`t meet Negative, you will meet DNR that day. So all the people who want to meet Negative please don`t take part in that competition. :)

The competition still runs til the end of february. The winner will be announced on and the official DNR Myspace.

Good luck!!!

DNR is a new Italian band with a promising careere. In 2005 the bass-player “Kira”, strongly influenced by the Visual Kei scene and by Japanese Jrock, draw up a project which has the fusion of Oriental melody and Occidental Groove as target, the band’s purpose is to find the right dimension between these two worlds, and from that on the band was called “DNR”(“Do Not Reanimate”).

Immediately Ash and Sieg (ex members of other Hard Rock made in USA bands) enter the project: the base of DNR’ sound was ready, but it will take 2 more years of exhausting casting session to recruit the adequate singer to meet the expectations of the trio.

In summer 2007, they will find in Mantis the right romantic and aggressive tone that represents the band. Now, instead of hiring another guitarist, as standard rock bands usually do, DNR opt for a 5th element with knowledge of Jazz Piano, with the intention to bring style and niceness to the sound and support to Sieg’s guitar Riffs; with the arrival of DeLord on november 2007 the formation was completed.

Now the future looks bright, with lots of International fanclubs and supporters the band gathered a large number of fans around their music. And the guys don`t even think about to stop gathering their fanszene.

DNR will support the Finnish Band Negative for their very first show in Italy on 17.March 2009 in Bolognas Sottotetto Club.

DNR are: Kira, Ash, Sieg, Mantis and DeLord, the first italian Visual Band.

For more information and sound examples visit their
official MySpace Site.
An Interview with the band will follow soon on

For interviewrequests from Germany & Finland contact Suiciderock!