Meet&Greet the Hellcity Punks &
win 2 signed copy's of their EP!!!

Hamburg & Berlin
Meet&Greet competition on Suiciderock

The Hellcity punks come to rock the German Clubs in April. And you will have the chance to win an exclusive Meet&Greet with the guys before their gigs in
Hamburg and Berlin.
Your task is to help us promoting the band a bit. Take part in our Promo Action and help us to spread the word about the Hellcity Punks. Send us your full name, address (for the flyers and poster) plus the links (where you posted the stuff) to info@suiciderock.com and tell us how you promoted the band and where you want to spread the flyers.
You could spread some flyers, posters, post the banners on your friends MySpace Profiles, and more over tell all your friends and the people out there to come to the gigs!
It would be great if you send us some pictures of your promotional activities and if you inform us in which city it took place.

The more people the better! If you have any friends who are also interested in supporting the Hellcity Punks feel free to invite them to the Promo Action.

All the stuff you need to promote the guys can be found at our photobucket.

Furthermore you can win two signed copy's of  "Result in Disaster" by helping us to promote the Hellcity Punks.

Send us an email with your full name, address, the links you posted the stuff and the pictures to info@suiciderock.com  Please don`t forget to add “Hellcity Punks” to the subjectheader. Please add also the city you want to meet&greet the band!!!
The deadline for this competition is 29.03.2009.

An email will be send to the winner.
The winner will be announced on Suiciderock.com as well.
Please note that Suiciderock is only responsible for the Meet&Greet itself.
All additional costs, such as travel expenses, tickets for the show, accommodation costs has to be paid by yourself.    
Any legal action is exluded.           


 (c) Suiciderock.com