Rock, Pop and military related program: gear show, war hound show, mach composition competition.

Linnan Juhlat is a traditional Sotapojan taivas- festival, which has been held already four times in the historical Linnankasarmi yard in the heart of Hämeenlinna. Now, operating under new name, the festival has also new appearance, the extension of performers and a new organizer partner.

The Linnan Juhlat festival 2008 started on Friday, 22nd of August and ended on Sunday, 24th of August and was held at Hämeenlinnas military barracks.

Hämeenlinna is located between the two major Finnish cities Helsinki in the South and Tampere in the West. The area were the festival was hold was very special indeed. The various Acts such as the Finnish chart breakers Automatic Eye, Negative, Flinch, Maj Karma, Sweatmaster performed on a big stage situated in the middle of a nice park.

Besides the shows the visitors of the Linnan Juhlat 2008 could enjoy the view of some military vehicles. The old castle left a historical as well as a romantic picture while being visible right behind the stage.

Also the weather showed some mercy for the festival visitors as the rain of the last days had changed into sunshine and warm temperatures.


Automatic Eye, who have entered the Finnish charts with their new single “Away from Sunshine” started the festival around 17.00. The band obviously had fund during playing their set. Besides their so well known hit they played some more songs of their upcoming album “Don`t let the past come between you and your happiness”, like their second single “Semi Autoatic Heart”, “Weekness for Wellfare”, Hole in my heart” or “Happy as hell”. The charismatic singer Pete as well as the rest of the group transferred so much power and energy to the audience that they didn`t want to let them leave after their performance was done.

But it was time to change the stage and prepare it for the Finnish singing band, Flinch. They played all songs of their current record “Irrallan”. Though many people seemed to be from countries outside of Finland it wasn`t a problem for them to sing along with frontman Ville and his band.

Maj Karma started to perform when the sun started to set. The Finnish metal band can´t be forgotten when it comes to the line up of a festival. They`ve don lot`s of finnish festival gigs in 2008 and so they seemed to be the only heavy guys at the whole military festival.

It had become cold and dark when the headliner act, Negative entered the stage. It was their 3rd show after deciding to continue as a five piece band and though the sound was a bit different than usual the band proved to be a good life band. Next to older hits like “The moment of our Love” or “Planet of the Sun” they were also rewarding their fans who had waited in the front row the entire day with new material from their 3rd record “Karma Killer” like” Motherfucker like you” or the ballad “An Ornament”. After the new single “Won`t let go” the band left the stage and the Linnan Juhlat 2008 was done.

All in all a great small festival with a nice and unique atmosphere which is worth a visit.