Today`s Must Have album:
“Heartless” by Dear Superstar

The album is a testament to hard fucking work and a never surrender attitude.
The band have had some bad fucking luck in this band over the past few years - cancelled tours, bad record deals, bad management deals and even a band member leaving... But they are still here, stronger and crazier than ever with a brand new album and record deal with DR2 Records!!! And the guest vocals from Jason "Jay" James of Bullet For My Valentine on the album makes a real Must Have out of "Heartless" -
So put the release date in your diaries.

"Heartless" will hit the stores on 20th October 2008!!!


1. Brink Of Destruction
2. Brothers In Blood
3. Live.Love.Lie
(feat. Jason "Jay James - Bullet For My Valentine)

4.  Signposts To Bedposts

5. Anytime Anyplace

6. Raised Voices & Confrontations

7.  Rock Bottom

8. Hollywood Whore

9. Diseased and Distraught

10. Can't Write A Love Song

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