Today`s Must Have album:
“The Neon City Rockers” by Jann Wilde and The Neon Comets

The competition to win the new Jann Wilde work still continues
on Suiciderock (for more information how to win a copy of
the album click here
). Now we have the
“Neon City Rockers” as Must Have.

The "Neon City Rockers" saw daylight on
27th August in Finland! A couple of weeks after it`s release
the album went to number 32 on the official finnish album chart!

The tracklist read`s itself as follows:

01 Baby Said YeahYeah
02Danceroom Bop
03 Screams At The Ballet
04 Neon City Rockers
05 Deimos & Phobos
06 Superstar Cocktail Bar
07 The Ballad Of Jane Glaze
08 Glamtronik
09 Forever
10 She's A Killer
11 Saturday Love
12 The Motion Picture

You can order the album from
Or http://www.recordshopx.com/


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