Today`s Must Have album:
"Pretend or Surrender" by LOVEX

The year 2008 brought along a new Lovex studio album which was released in May. Also this album is melodic and full of emotion but on the other hand heavier and more aggressive than the preceding one. The album opener "Take A Shot" is full of new energy and carries elements of the 80's.

1. If She's Near
2. Turn
3. Take A Shot
4. Different Light
5. Writings On The Wall
6. Time And Time Again
7. Belong To No One
8. My Isolation
9. Rid Of Me
10. Ordinary Day
11. End Of The World

You can order „Pretend or Surrender" from the following links:
CDs: Bullhead | CDON.com | Levykauppa Äx
Downloads: iTunes (World) | CDON.com (Scandinavia & Europe) | Musiikkilataamo (Finland)

So don`t loose any time and get yourself a copy!!!


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