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“24 Hours In Pictures” by Monday

Known from Technicolour and Negative, Tuomas "Gary" Keskinen is now the front man of the band Monday which released their debut album on 29th April 2009. Monday was born in the year 2004 and the band's first single also named "Monday" was released in the fall 2008. The single was played in different radio stations and was for example on the chart of Swedish Radio "Sisuradio" over record-breaking three months and it also won the public vote of Radio Nrj and was on the chart over a week.
In the beginning of the year 2009 the band released it's second single called "Stop Me" that was followed by a music video to the song. The video won for example Yle Music TV's public vote.

Monday's music combines different times and influences that the
listeners can hear on the album "24 Hours In Pictures". The songs are composed by Gary. "When I started to compose songs it was my dream to get those out to the listeners some day. And now the time has come. The songs are overall a little bit "agonizing" and the lyrics in some songs tell about the traumas in the past that I bring out now though music. The lyrics in the album "24 Hours In Pictures" are both fictional and personal".

Monday's album is recorded at Scandal Recording studios by Kari
"Huikka" Huikuri. The production is by Tuomas "Gary" Keskinen and Kari "Huikka" Huikuri. The co-production and mixing is made by Aku Sinivalo and Toni Kimpimäki at Sonic Kitchen studios (among others like Sunrise Avenue, Clarkkent and so on...).

Monday celebrated the release of the album on the 27th of April in Semifinaali, Helsinki and you can see the band doing live shows for example June 6th in Tulivuorirock, Lappajärvi. Monday heads to Japan in the end of May and will do a show in Rockin Current, Tokyo on the 28th of May.

Monday consists of the following band members:
salla lehtinen | vocals
gary keskinen | guitar
jussi savola | bass
pete eskola | keys
henkka mannio | drums

Tracklist "24 Hours In Pictures":
1. You And Us
2. My Secret Diary
3. 24 Hours In Pictures
4. Stop Me
5. Beauty Of The Mind
6. Monday
7. No More Lies
8. My Star
9. Fade Away

Soundexamples can be found on their official myspace and
more about Monday at their homepage. Go and listen to it!!!

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