Today`s Must Have album:
“Cyanide Skies” by Phoenix Effect

After he parted ways with Sunrise Avenue in 2007, guitarist Janne Kärkkäinen decided to take a break to digest all that had transpired. He wanted to make sure he knew what he wanted to do in the future, whether it was to continue with music or work in some totally other field altogether. It didn`t take that much time til the music world got him back. The debut album "Cyanide Skies" was recorded during the fall of 2008 and hit the Finish recordstores on February 18th. The album contains ten rocking tracks, done in various styles and moods, but "Cyanide Skies" still sounds like a whole. Besides Janne, you can find Nikkilä on the guitar, Jari Salminen on the drum and last but not least Jani Snellman on the bass. The band got a little help from the guys of Poets Of The Fall, Marko Saaresto and Olli Tukiainen, will also be featured on some tracks. The mastermind behind the production board was Mr. Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen and Janne Kärkkäinen himself. Phoenix Effects debut album will be released under POTF's Insomniac label in Finland.

The tracklist of "Cyanide Skies" is:

01. Broken Promises
02. A Perfectly Good Day
03. Carry Me
04. Bye Bye Arizona
05. Hey You
06. Lucky Star
07. King See No Evil
08. My Heart Is A Beating Drum
09. Flashbacks N' Memories
10. Magic

Some soundsamples of the album can be found at the bands official Website!!!
So go and check it out! Enjoy!
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