Today`s Must Have album:
“Yesterday`s News” by White Flame

White Flame has come to terms with releasing their debut album Yesterday's News in selected European countries. The album will be released by German label Twighlight Records on the 26th of September, with distribution done by Sony. Hour of Emptiness will be their first international single release. Earlier this year the band collaborated with the makers of Star Wreck to bring out a space aged music video for the song.

White Flame have kept adding dates and countries to their european tour. The latest addition is Prague, Czech Republic on the 10th of October with Lovex. The two bands will then continue touring together for shows in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. "It's gonna be a long ride so I hope everyone brings enough underpants", says Vince. "And just as a warm up, wey're gonna fly in and out for a festival show in Chemnitz one week earlier. A good ol' fest crowd is just what we need to put us in the mood."

White Flame are currently working on their second studio album which will be released sometime next year.

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2. GUN
3. The World We Live In
4. Swimsuit Issue Centerfold
5. RockHard
6. Miss U
7. Down
8. Your Joint Tonight
9. Yesterday's News
10. Hour Of Emptiness
11. Kill The Radio
12. Close To You
13. My Future Ex-Girlfriend

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