15.09.07 Dresden

"Unforgetable Memories in Dresden"

"Everything started when I read the competition regarding Day Eleven on Suiciderock. I sent them an e-mail as I like to support bands and it's fun for me to spread flyers. The background of the competition was that the people had to spread the above mentioned flyers and therefore they could win a meet & greet with Day Eleven. With a lot of luck I won this competition and I was very happy about it. So we were allowed to meet up with the guys of Day Eleven in Dresden on 15th September 2007. I couldn't believe it!

After driving 7 1/2 hour by train we arrived at the station where we saw Day Eleven by incident. We went straight to the venue, after a long waiting time it finally turned 18:30h and we met up with Suiciderock. It was 7 o'clock when we were brought backstage to meet the guys. First I didn't know how to act. I was so nervous that I would have prefered to turn around. When we came in we found Day Eleven standing in front of the merchandise. When they saw us they came closer to say „hi".

We were chatting about everything you can imagine. For example they told us that they have the same Finnish record company as Negative and that's how they came up with the idea to tour together in Germany. When I told Matti that I have seen him at the station earlier that day, he said that they would have done some sightseeing in Dresden and that it is a wonderful city. Unfortunately we couldn't agree with him as we had only seen the main station, the tram and the venue. Olli commented what I said right away with loud laughing. Luca informed us that he already had been in munich before, but he doesn't know anymore what it was like because he was so drunk. The guys have been totally friendly and it was easy for us to talk to them.

The meet & greet was over much too soon and so it was already time to take some snapshots for the memory book. Olli got some pretzel sticks and we were feeding each other with those in front of the camera. The day will stay an unforgetable memory for us.

A very big thanks to the guys of Day Eleven and of course, to suiciderock who made this meet & greet possible for us."

PS: For more pictures of the Meet & Greet check out the